Lid On 2019: Anxiety emerges. Hype subsides


This is exactly the same ■■■■ we heard leading into last year.


How about the club ■■■■■■■ delivers. Fans have every right to feel frustrated.


I want our captain to come out and say we are into this balls and all not any of these excuses!

Inspire your teammates and stop with the corporate rubbish.



Concerning that we’re hearing excuses already. With this list, there shouldn’t be any excuses at all.

Also seems like this is confirmation that the team weren’t “keeping the game plan under wraps”…they just don’t know how to deliver the actual game plan.

Really a bit annoyed that our pre seasons don’t seem to be as productive as they should be.

That being said, at least we’re admitting our shortcomings a lot earlier than we did last season.


Holy ■■■■ everybody’s lost the ■■■■■■■ plot. Acting like we’re losing before the season has started. With supporters like this no wonder they’re careful with their words.




you can spot the newer posters, blitz going at blitz is a hallmark of the pre-saga days.

*says the 2012 joiner to the pre-crash blitz.


Club being optimistic: Sick of this club pumping ourselves up bullshit
Club being realistic: Sick of this club not going boots and all for 15 years
Club being pessimistic: Sick of this farkin club telling us to be patient

Just…sick of this club…


Never sick of this club.

Words should always under promise.

What I’m waiting for though is the overdeliver. Here is hoping that it is on the way.


Only thing going for us is that they have played one game out of about the last 40 at the MCG.

Unluckily for us, the game is at the MCG.


They’re as spooked as we are.

If it’s time for patience it can’t also be the same time to give up three years of first round draft picks for Stringer and Shiel.


Giants will be tough in Round 1, they still have a really talented list. I think we’ll be ready though. Guys like Smith and Merrett - two of our best - were taking it very, very easy in the JLT. We know the level they can play at. Come AFL season, just watch, we’ll be a good side.


To have any chance this season, we need guys like Hooker, Fantasia, TBC and Joe Dan to play a run of games week in - week out and be fit and injury free by the time we hit finals.

We simply can’t compete consistently when the keys to our side are in and out and the team never gets settled.

2019 Lid Off, even at the MCG for a night GF

In business, not in sport.
Or some other things I can think of, actually.


Let me pull up a chair here in the annual realist thread.

Expecting another year without finals victory, which should warrant worsfold being sacked.


Can see three senarios happening

  1. GWS - win
    Saints - lose

  2. GWS - lose
    Saints - win

  3. Beat both GWS and Saints and be sitting 2-0

Option 3 please.


Shouldn’t that be posted in the lid off thread.

The lid on thread is for option 4. Two losses.


Your post is unreasonable.

Nino doesn’t have access to the lid off thread.


From, The Roar. Bold Predictions for 2019: part wishful thinking from a 14 year old Fremantle supporter. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Dylan Shiel will flop at Essendon
There isn’t a lot of evidence that Dylan Shiel is going to fail at the Bombers but the reasons come to a different place.

When Shiel came to Windy Hill, everybody started to think that Essendon would become a premiership contender or at least make the top eight. So judging by this, everybody thinks that Dylan Shiel is going to be the game changer for the Bombers.

If Essendon don’t have a good season this year, can we all blame it on Dylan?
Last year, Shiel was only fourth in the GWS Giants kick count, second in the handball count, kicked only six goals and spent around 78 per cent of time on the field.

Is this the sort of player who would transform a team from outside the top eight, to a possible top four team?

He may have a good season but maybe not as much as we think he will.


That website is the biggest piece of ■■■■ on the internet. I’d rather get my football news from that Saints loving kid at ‘AFL News, Trade Rumours, Results’ on facebook.