Lid On 2019: At Essendon, things are never as bad as they seem. They are worse


We face Freo at Marvel. Sydney play worse at their home ground than they do at Marvel too.


We match up well against Geelong and have smacked them the last 2 times we’ve played them so i wouldn’t be calling them a “reality check” just yet.


Turns out the great thread title was a lie. Huh.


Imagine if our skill level improved. Lawdy.


Eight losses in a row against Carl, Coll, Haw, Rich. Dreamtime game next opportunity to move the lid.




He’s saying out of the 4 selected teams, our rivals we’ve lost 8 in a row.


We lost a game but it was not a reason for lid on. It’s been some time since we have lost a game that actually was more lid off than this one.


What about Geelong at the MCG that started our run for the remainder of the year?


Geelong is not included in Carlton, Collingwood, hawthorn or Richmond.


For mine it all depends on how the players respond from the loss. Does it galvanise them even more to beat the cats. Or will they get ahead of themselves and not be mentally ready for Geelong.

We need to do something about our first qtrs in high pressure games against good sides.


For a loss they seemed pretty upbeat a lot of hugs and pats on the back. To me it showed the team did all the team things, followed the instructions and discussions to get back into the game. The couldn’t see a fault in their objective. There has been a great balance statistically of output, no one individually seems to have the weight on their shoulders to deliver ala Cripps or Franklin to get the job done.
Win together, lose together. The making of a great team.


Players looked shatterd after the game hopefully it spurs them on and we lock a spot in the 8


Can envisage season’s end. Essendon finish 10th or 11th with 11 or 12 wins.

But we can all say “gee the team looks good on paper, plays an exciting brand of footy, always gets harshly treated by the umpires, can’t wait to 2020, etc, etc.” and conveniently overlook the fact that we do not win the big games against quality opposition when its really counts.


Tend to agree with you.

We lost on Anzac Day even though we were the better side.

Need to win those games despite the umpiring.

3-3 is not an indication of a top 4 side and that’s what we should be aiming for with this group of players.


How we managed to start yet another big game without the necessary intensity and effort is disgraceful. Hurley, Hooker, TBell, Zaka, Hep these boys don’t have many chances left to get something out of their careers, FFS they need to demand their teammates come ready for battle from the start. It happens all too often to not be a pattern of behaviour. For all the great signs on Thursday, we ■■■■■■■ lost yet again when it mattered, I’m ■■■■■■■ filthy about it still.


Maybe the coach could/Should offer some aggression learning prior to the game.


Serious questions will need to be asked about the club if we fail to play/win finals

No more excuses sick of being let down every year


Time for us to beat a top team. Are they just happy with the honourable loss on Anzac Day or will it spur them no even more.

Time will tell


I blame the fitness department.

How can Crowy and his team not have the players fit and firing in the lead up to rd1? not good enough.