Lid On 2019: At Essendon, things are never as bad as they seem. They are worse


The players have openly said they weren’t mentally ready.

Nothing to do with crow or the coaches.


Well then that’s on the coaches.

Reckon BT was right during the North game players spent too much time in the classroom and not enough practice outside during the pre season.


We are six games into the season and we are still having mental lapses.

We let collingwood jump us and then we kicked ourselves out of it.

Blame the coaches if you like but for mine the players need to take ownership if we are truly going to challenge.

All the pieces are there for mine.


Blame everyone, it’s easier, and they are all contributing to my horrible, shitful, miserable life.


It’s about time someone in this thread told the truth :grinning:


It’s ok the players have accepted the blame.

Didn’t have Neeld available this year.


I see it is warming up in here.

Welcome friends, feel free to help yourself to the snacks. I’m expecting more people to arrive shortly.


You had me at “blame everyone”


Sorry I’m not a member, I’m ahhh, ummm…just looking for a friend.


Get in quick before Goddard gets here. So u do t have to eat off the floor.


You’re welcome.


There may be a few more members here after Sundays result


OK, this Sunday is the game I take my kids to finally see a win.

I swear, I will renounce Essendon if we lose again whilst my kids are there.

Also, before people say why take them against the top side, I took them last year against the lions when they were horrible and we lost.


Hahaha, but seriously, bad choice of games.


Do you mean 2017? We beat them last year mainly coz we weren’t short priced favorites


Maybe don’t take the kids


Should be fine. I’m taking my daughter. It couldn’t possibly make things worse, she’s already barracks for the cats.


I’ve taken the 4y/o to 4 games over the last 12mths, we’ve won them all, good luck charm status confirmed. I’m taking her again this weekend. Fear not, we will win. And if we lose, it’s because your kids are a jinx. :laughing:


we’re gonna get done, hard.

i think this before every game though, so don’t take nay notice of me.


Well, it’s certainly in the spirit of the ANZACs.