Lid On 2019: At Essendon, things are never as bad as they seem. They are worse


Does this qualify as a double negative?


I still haven’t tipped us at all this season


it’s friday, chris! enough of the hard questions already!


I haven’t tipped them since the year 2000.


Och, nay notice at all, laddie!


Sad but predictable. Another game against another top team that we seem completely unprepared for


Slam the lid shut, forget about winning finals this team ■■■■■ it’s self every time it has a big game. Need to find better options and invest in a team who is willing and able to compete.
Langford never again, Francis same, is anyclub wants either of them get them out the door. Move on Bags, Zaka, TBell.
Get some youth, excitement, Moz, Ham, Mynott, Clarke, Draper, however else is healthy.
This team as it stands, will not ever get it done when it matters, to continue believing things will magic change is madness.


Hello darkness my old friend


Wrong thread…hmmm…seems a theme for me today, but our best will beat their best.
We’re a finals side that’s come across some very good teams early.
We’re okay.


Long way from it

Changes.need to be made because we will miss finals again


Dominated them in the first to be a goal down.


We are a mid table team. Today confirmed it

Win a final worsfold or out you go


What? Next year?


In myers
Out parish


I agree. Scoreboard flattered Geelong today.
We’re still fine. We’ll go on a winning streak of at least 5 games sometime soon.

Geelong will fall in finals again


Is that you Mr Worsfold?


Nope this year

No more excuses


I doubt they will even make finals so it’s going to be hard winning one.


Essendon will probably go on a winning run when it’s too late to matter.
Mentally soft, and can’t handle the pressure should be the Club motto


Our much-hyped forwardline is very over-rated. I think we miss Brown a great deal. Obviously Fanta’s non-start is a problem. But four set shots within 35 metres, near enough to directly in front resulting in four behinds is not nearly good enough. Good Essendon players were few and far between. Geelong looks the 'real deal’and we do not.