Lid On 2019: At Essendon, things are never as bad as they seem. They are worse


Big stage for them. Friday night. Perfect opportunity to get some respect back.

You just know it.


They’re not the quality of the puddy tats. Smaller ground as well. Sheil will kick 3.


Freo is going to be a sh*t fight book Tabener to kick a bag like he always does.

Ross seems to have Freo playing back to their suffocating best. Crows struggled all game to score and we play a similar style to them.


I’m just going to start laying out the snacks now for when everyone arrives post game…


Am I early?


Nom nom nom


Don’t worry mate, I have got a chair saved for you.

I’m expecting it to fill up pretty quick so grab your seats while you can


“We’ve heard all of the Excuses”


I’ve always been lid on but this year I genuinely thought it would be different. How ■■■■■■■ stupid


If we lose this … worsfold needs to pack his bags…I’m sick of his inept coaching


Same here. I legit thought we had turned a corner late last year. I thought there is no way that these coaches could screw up so badly again.

I guess I forgot that this is Essendon, we’re its all about quality people and learnings. Not about win at all costs


Prepared to aim for “best team outside the 8”.


You do not give up 2 first rounders for a guy like Shiel to slowly build.

There is no excuses for this type of performance.NONE

To all the board members who extended this flogs contract when he had shown NOTHING I would just lick to say you make me fkn sick

Fk you

You should resign immediately


If every one could just squish in a bit more.

There are plenty of people lining up to get in, and we need to make room.



Reckon a loss to the dockers will actually break what little spirit I have left. That loss to the dockers last year was the most frustrating for the year because I still had hope at that point.


Fk me, every fkg year these carnts get my hopes up. And every fkg year we turn in at least half a dozen performances exactly like tonight.

Ffs how can these players spend a decade losing games by blindly bombing it long and high into the forward line


Ok guys, please use up all the space in the room. It is now standing room only now folks.

I have spoken to worsfold and he promised to come up with a plan to bring more snacks and deserts. So don’t worry the food is coming…


Not even surprised that two of the ‘leadership’ group had a chuckle after the siren.


Cant the club just fold?
The board front care
The coach doesn’t care
The players dont care

This is what suits me when players have a sook about social media. You want to feel connected, but only nice things? Yeah, some people take it too far and that’s plain wrong. They say “we are human”. Well so are others but the difference between us and you is that you get a bug fat pay check to represent the club, we do it for free. You’re supposed to be representing us yet you play like ■■■■■■■ donkeys

Actually, speaking of donkeys, need to go to the Zac Clarke thread


Im lid on…
Forward line was woeful tonight. It wasnt the mids.