Lid On 2019: At Essendon, things are never as bad as they seem. They are worse


That effort was so bad tonight that they broke Blitz:

Honestly it is time for a clean out at the club - from the President who has done nothing, to the coach who does nothing, to the worst forward line coach in Australia, and the worst development staff in Australia.

Oops I nearly forgot Luke Ball who was given a job to do nothing - if he is still there, sack him too. And whoever gave him that job.


Yep, gut the club from top to bottom and start again. No more jobs for the boys. Get the best possible people for the roles.

Start at the top and work your way down


It was pretty ordinary wasnt it.

For the life of me, what does our forward line coach do. I know we have had turnover but still.

Sydney schooled us on it tonight.


I object to this. The doors should be locked already.

True lid-onners are in here before the start of each season. We cop abuse for views that prove to be correct each year.

You don’t get to just waltz back in here after the reality of multiple losses hits you in the face.


The lid is on so hard that it’s fused and now become part of the bottle.

The whole X Campbell social media fiasco, just shows that our culture is very much, if any coach is hard on a player, said coach will get a knock on their office door the next day from HR(Or David Myers).



I have to admit I foolishly left the lid on thread over the summer, thought about returning after the Carlton JLT game but hesitated. Now I’m back home where all sensible Essendon supporters belong.




So what are we now? 13-0 over the lid off clappers? There’s still hope for them I guess, Tottenham is finally doing over arsenal after years and years of being in their shadow.

Maybe by 2038 the lid off will win?

EDIT: actually, that last line might belong in the lid off thread.


It would be great to get a boycott happening, but it wont, our fans are too nice. The club knows we are too loyal and uses it against us. They know that next year they’ll get 70000 members again regardless of what they do with the coaching panel.


This so much.
69,998 next year, I’m out


Leave the gunners out of this conversation mate.


Well it’s better than brining Man U into it.

Worsfold’s at the wheel.


Have you heard the story of the Prodigal Essendon Fan?

“Truly loyal lid-onner, you have always been here, and all the bevvies behind the bar are yours. But we need to celebrate and be glad, for your fellow EFC fans were hopeful, but now they’ve come down. They were blinded by optimism, but now they see. “


We can still make Champions League though. We are going ok if we do that.


Some Blitzer said a couple of years ago that we would never be a good side until every last player/official/coach from the Saga was gone.

They were rounded castigated at the time. I will confess I sneered too.

I now think they may have been correct…


Games we won last year that we’ve dropped this year: gws, saints, cats, bin chickens

Games we’ve reversed to a win: demons

Break even: pies, lions, norf

3 games back on last year, can’t see us picking that up. This thread going to be busy


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before but I actually got a bit of support


Tell me with a straight face you believe they’ll win a flag. They’re untouchable and they know it and they play like it. Baguley and Hooker would be the only ones I’d want around because they at least look like they give a ■■■■.


The only one I would be wanting to keep at this club would be hooker. The rest I would happily trade or delist

We have tried being loyal and backing in the senior players. It has backfired spectacularly.

Maybe it’s time to get cutthroat


We did have to back them in 2017 after their suspension, but now is long enough away from then that I don’t think we owe it to them anymore. As you say, it’s time to get cutthroat.


Imagine heading to the g for the FCFC game and just not entering the ground for the game. Like a picket line essentially. Thousands of bomber fans and members refusing to enter the ground.