Lid On 2019: At Essendon, things are never as bad as they seem. They are worse


Zaka, Baguley, Myers 100%
I guess Hurley too as he’s clearly well past his best, but I don’t see him looking disinterested personally
Heppell though I still disagree despite some disappointing efforts
Hooker is a beast though, and yeah TBC is a middle of the road at best ruckman regardless of effort or not
So yeah I’d say I’d only want Hooker, and Heppell (but cannot imagine him as captain of a flag winning team)


what you got against reimers mode?




They were around for the saga but not banned. Not sure Bags was on the list when Dank was running wild.

But that doesn’t really change the gist of your argument


It’s usually Woosha or Dodorro that cop the flack after a loss. This ingrained delusion that we have a good list but for the coach. I reckon the results speak for themselves.

2015: 15th
2016: 18th
2018: 11th
2019: ?

And I’d say we will miss the finals again this year. So no we do not have a top 4 list.

Really worryingly for a period of 5 crap years at the bottom we’ve will have only taken 3 first round draft picks.


It isn’t pretty reading.


Last 10 years. Calling us mid-table is flattering.


Reckon the coach getting the sack is inevitable now, pending a miracle, so you better be prepared for another five years of the same same with a new coach who’ll inevitably need time to get the players to learn a new system.


That’s what I am saying.

Sack the coach, cause we’re not on the right path.

But a new coach isn’t going to get us top 4 next year. We should have gone through a rebuild after 2016. We papered over the cracks by using our draft picks on trading in players. More pain to come,


I wouldn’t even waste my time on that. Just don’t turn up


2 more seasons and we’ll have a player(s) on our list that weren’t even born when we’d last won a final.



Any boilermakers on here?

I have a lid that needs some welding.


Change thread title. Mid-table? That’s lid off talk


We used to have “May Grey” & “June Gloom” when I was in LA… just so, so similar to some of our seasons of late. We will get a bit of a run on in July and August though but far too late by then!


In case you thought you were alone, others are starting to realise, and we are becoming a laughing stock of the competition. Even FCFC seems to have a bigger heart than us.
Its time for us to put down the “champagne footy” glasses and start “hunting” every team we play, because even the lowest team on the ladder can beat us.

1. Essendon is a team without soul or substance

The Bombers are headed towards another wasted, middle-rung season, and that’s where they deserve to sit in the pecking order. Essendon’s 22, with its high-profile recruits and experience, should have beaten Sydney by 12 goals at the SCG, but the Swans gave them a lesson in leadership and club pride on Friday night. Sydney captains Luke Parker, Dane Rampe and Josh Kennedy made a stand in the massive moments and their young teammates stood with them. One group of players was desperate to climb off the bottom of the ladder and prepared to fight and scratch its way to a win at any cost to protect the hard-earned reputation of its club. The other lost the contested possession count to an opposition that had gone -96 in that statistic in two losses over the past fortnight. It’s hard to decide which 2019 trip to the harbour city was worse for John Worsfold’s men: their 72-point round-one drubbing at the hands of the Giants, or this week’s single-figure defeat to the struggling Swans. Essendon fans will be hoping some of the Bloods’ famed culture rubbed off on their players on Friday night. - Adam Curley


yes I thought that was generous. we are one game outside the bottom 4.

what I love is we give up our first rounder. its the cherry on top for this season.


Haha can see it already


Raz out (indefinitely?) has broken my spirit.

I’d like to pay for my membership now, do i get a discount?



Who the ■■■■ has graffitied our thread title with this lid off crap!!!

Mid-table club. pfft. In our dreams.


…and 2/3 can’t even get a regular game. For all the talk of the club being delusional they have nothing on the supporters.