Lid On 2019: At Essendon, things are never as bad as they seem. They are worse


Luke Ball was visible on TV helping the players warm up for the game, inside the rooms.


My old man’s retired but as a dedicated Norf fan I recon despite having alos lost 2 legs to diabetes, he’d jump at the chance.


I* did the ladder predictor and i’ve got us pegged for 15th.

(*not much chop at tipping).


Mid table only if we are very lucky. Bottom 4 the way we are playing.


I got sucked in once again on what the club was selling during the pre season.

Every year I do I get angry at how the season pans out well not anymore they can gagf.


I never post in here or have ever agreed as I’m always optimistic… and just typing this, I change my mind. Joey will monster them this weekend and we will take the WIN. Go the Bombers!!!






Right now we have a top 6 list with key players injured, playing a mid table game plan that threatens to see us drop to the bottom 4 bracket this season.

There is no point in being optimistic at this point. Because we have sagged to 2 wins and 8 losses including JLT. Thats bottom 4 territory.


Yeah no.




I think we do. You look at some of the other lists around the comp and it isn’t that bad.
It does have a couple of gaps that need filling but I certainly think it is a top 6 side. Problem is that alot of our issues are in the coaches box as well as having poor leaders


If we had Smith, Raz and Joe fully fit plus one of Smack or Brown. Then we are easily playing finals. Take our last two bnf’s our best two forwards and all our key forwards has screwed us.

A fit team against Saints, Collingwood and Sydney we could have easily won them.

Win 2 and we would be 5-3 sitting 5th

Wim all three we are 6-2 and 2nd.

Injuries have derailed the season.


Very harsh. He is suspended for being correct this whole time?


Thanks for that Woosh.


Well if you think we lack leadership then that is a quality that we don’t have enough of on our list, hence one of the reasons our list isn’t as strong as it is made out to be on Blitz.

You can only claim your list is X amount good for so long in the face of failure before it becomes apparent that it actually isn’t.


I was backing up your comment where you said the exact same thing.

Thanks Harves.


At the start of this week I thought we’d win v freo but the more i think of freos forward line and Fyfe in the middle, I have an uneasy feeling we’re going to get rinsed 5+ goals.


So six goals to Freo and one to us?


Get ready for it!