Lid On 2019: At Essendon, things are never as bad as they seem. They are worse


Zac Clark to get all the spud forward revenge we’ve been subjected to over the years from Freo


Zac Clarke sinking multiple goals on Sat and Tabener being held goaless would be the ultimate bizarro ESSINGTON.


I feel nothing for this weeks game, purely because I’m heading to Perth in a months time for the game vs West Coke.


Head to the VIC and ask for PETER PAUL at the door.


To be honest I think we are going to easily get done by 5 plus goals. We just made an awful Sydney team look like world beaters.

One thing we are really struggling with is attacking. Fremantle’s biggest strength is their defence all over the ground

No Raz or smith. Means we lose our most important pressure player in smith and our best forward in Raz.

Guys like Myers will stay in the team, bags will come back. Worsfold will stick with the experienced players while the youth rots in the VFL

Wouldn’t suprise me if Francis starts forward again and hooker starts back. 10min into the last when we are 5 goals down hooker will be sent forward. He will kick one or two goals and everyone will ask why wasn’t he moved earlier. Worsfold will say “learnings”.

Rinse and repeat until finals are out of the question, then we might maybe try some young players




I have paid for my winters entertainment already, so I will go to the game.
Basically I am treating it like 2016.
You know , go to the game, maybe see some “green shoots”
Meet up with some buddies there and have a communal cry.

All on the off chance, we get to “memorise another Golgotha” as we do the flat track bully thing and beat Fremantle.


Do we still need this thread? Every thread on Blitz these days seems to be lid on.


Oh my👀


We traded in young players in the same age bracket as our next group coming through.

That’s not papering over cracks.


My thoughts on the Bombers:

The big issue has to be the culture throughout the entire club. We don’t have that cut throat will to win. I can’t imagine the radio silence we have put out regarding the shaking of the post would have happened under Sheedy or previous presidents. Off the back of the saga it seems the culture has become one where it is more important to be liked by other clubs and the afl rather than be feared. This comes out in the fact the skipper and a senior leader can share a laugh after a horrible loss to the team on the bottom the ladder.

As a club we need to get our ruthlessness back. Until we do that we will never be anything more than a nice middle of the road club. Think back to the marshmallow final - Sheeds drew a line in the sand that night and said we weren’t going to be pushed around anymore. 2 seasons later we had the best year a club has has ever had. That’s the only solace I can take at the moment- things can turn around quickly.


This is my first post. My first Essendon grand final was as a six year old accompanying my father to the 1962 game. And yes I will be uploading a pic of Buddy Holly for my Blethyn tag.
I agree with Red Bull. 1969 through to 1982 was a period of mediocrity. We have well and truly surpassed this, meaning this is our most unsuccessful period since the 1925 to 1939 period.
I supported Woosha, particularly in 2016 when we needed a steady hand on the tiller. But if we don’t make the finals this year then I think unfortunately he should be replaced.


Maybe we’re just tanking till the mid season draft?


No way are we a good team if missing 2 from the best 22 - Joe Dan and maybe one of Brown or McKernan - justifies losing to the bottom side.


Verrrrrry funny, we don’t need to tank atm.


I thought I was abou as lid on as I could be after the Sydney match. Our structures, work rate, and coaching are diabolical.

But now with Smith and JD gone for the year we are truly farked and will be lucky to finish 12th.

We have no first round pick and only God knows if JD our most important player will ever fully get over his injury.

Lid tightly on.


Drill that lid on for another 12 months


Yep long term looking very bleak atm too. We have some good young players no doubt.

I fear by the time we get decent coaching staff and add the time it takes systems. The likes of hooker, hurley, tbell, heppel and Co. Will be gone leaving some gaping holes on our list.


mmmmm anyway see how we go for the rest of 2019.

Things can change very quickly at AFL level.


You think it’s bad now, wait until we bring in Zac Clarke for Joe at selection tonight…