Lid On 2019: Eventually we will lose a game, see you back here then


He’s probably never watched an essendon game haha


I don’t mind most of that article. Just an outsiders view of the world. Heaven knows there should be question marks over our club, and the players ability to both be consistent and to stand up in big games.

I certainly hope the players thinking is inline with the quoted line. You’re a chance lads, but it’s all talk until you get the wins on the board.


This is the quote that really surprises me.

I thought that both of those players were exceptional.


If All Australians just aren’t that good then our game must be pretty boring.

I bet he’s a North supporter.




Yeh, look, we are so lid off, and people keep talking about Nino going to the “Lid On” thread. But there wasn’t one !
However, the article is pretty much full of exaggerated and false premises its not really going to introduce a scintilla of doubt around here.


Shiel is bad. Really bad.

So bad that at GWS he was the first man tagged, every single week, in a team containing Coniglio, Scully, Ward, Devon Smith and Josh Farkin Kelly.

Yeah righto ya peanut


I stopped reading when he said Shiel was no good as he ONLY averaged 28 disposals.

There’s nothing average in getting only 28 disposals per week. Then he says we virtually beat no one other than West Coast.
what he didn’t say was if we had’ve won a couple more games in the first 8 games plus if you add the 10 wins we had in the last 14 then we should easily make the finals in 2019.
Seriously who thinks we are going to lose to Carlscum again. That loss was the making of the club from that point to now.

The man is a farkwit.


Only thing I do agree on is our game plan.

We won’t wont many finals if we ‘play on at all costs’ it’s why I’m glad we got some one like Rutten to improve our defence while our defence was ok it wasn’t quite good enough against the top teams.


why do you do these things?


I tend to agree that there is also a concern over our backline. In my view we have too many rebounding players and not enough ‘make sure your man doesn’t get a farkin kick’ players. It’s part of the reason why I reckon Ambrose might get more than a few games this year


yep - and McGrath said in his interview the following. So they are definitely addressing game plan and team defence.

“Our (focus) is mainly around our team defence, we’ve got a new coach (Ben) ’Truck’ Rutten in from Richmond and he has simplified and made our team defence a lot easier to understand.

“I guess we had a few too many moving parts last season and we just tried to really simplify it and make a system that should work most times and be a lot more consistent, so we hopefully won’t get scored on as easily.”


A stingy defence while keeping our attack is what we hopefully see.


I think we will see a stingier defense simply because it will be a bit more settled. Cale Hooker will hopefully not be thrown forward at all in 2019. Francis marking will also help us stop attacks.

Although, I do expect us to give up some very easy goals this year. I’m pretty sure we are going to turn the ball over more often on our kick-ins.


Is that guy even allowed to call himself a journalist? Absolute fkn imbecile.

I have no issues with someone having an opinion on why we aren’t a good side but give me more than “I don’t think he’s that good bro”


Sounds like your typical Richmond flog from Bigfooty.


You’re being blatantly unfair to Arts students.
Having checked his other Roar work, nearly all on the ponies, it’s bleedingly obvious he did a Sports Management degree. Even less career prospects than an Arts Degree.
Just like all the kids playing computer games think they can design them, he reeks of “just because I bet on sport I’m a ■■■■■■■ expert on sport. Please gimme a job!”


Article says we only beat two teams that made finals last year. West Coast and Sydney.

Conveniently forgot we beat Geelong and GWS away.



kinda nice how we beat the eventual premier at their home ground


Read through the comments section of that article.

It gets better.

The guy is very selective of his use of facts.