Lid On 2019: Eventually we will lose a game, see you back here then


We aren’t lid on, we are just scarred.


Too right. Imagine the despair from the Essendon hierarchy down to the humblest supporter if Essendon finish about 10th in 2019. May as well fold and liquidate all assets.


There won’t be many changes for a 5 year period 2018-22. We have targeted a block to be successful in and that’s the approach we’re going with. I think we can now hit the draft from here on and hope it sustains success.
I’m not sure finishing 5-6th is lid on though, anything can happen if you get into finals.


Iron out the kinks? I expect that stuff to be put into action in the JLT

They had all summer to hone thier craft.


Why not both?



I see nothing wrong with winning JLT matches for once I would like us to head into rd 1 with some winning momentum.


What, the kinks?



If you take a first round pick every year, you always have a bunch of kids that are too small and a bunch of old blokes that are past it. It’s the same starting deck as every other team in the comp. You are competitive but never dominant.

To dominate, you need to have more talent and capability on the park than your opponent. You need better skills, size and fitness than everyone who is playing by the same rules. You need to do something different to them.

We’ve deliberately stacked up on 24-25 year olds. It’s a demographic that are old enough to compete, but young enough to last. They can play for 5-6 years and build chemistry together before they start to retire. Few teams in the comp have that demographic, they either have too many kids, an even blend of ages or a bunch of 30 year olds on their last legs. Looking at the opposition, Brisbane is the only surging young club that comes to mind. Most others will peter off as age catches up.

And as for the need for 1st round picks… if you drafted Stringer, Smith and Sheil over 3 successive years, you’d be rapt. We haven’t lost out on talent, we’ve brought it forward.

To mitigate the long term issue, Dodoro is going for high upside picks who need years of development. Think the arguable best forward in the comp, Fantasia. Look at this year’s crop, Mozzie, Ham, Gown and Jok could all become special in 3-4 years… or not. We have no major list gaps, we can take our time, turn over a few kids until we find a star. It’s the type of drafting strategy we’ve been asking for for years.

In 4 years time, we probably start to look at free agency. Our block of players will be around 29. A few gaps will open up with retirements. Many of these will be taken by upside kids, but free agents will see a strong club they can have success with. They’ll come here below market value because we can offer them exactly what Hawthorn offered over the past 5 years, a realistic chance of success.

In 7 years time, our block of players will be hitting retirement. We have 6 first round picks, 8? second round picks, and a bunch of late and rookie selections over that period. On top of that, we’ve got a decent number of father sons, a Tiwi academy that could be sensational and probably the greatest LOL team in the Southern Hemisphere.

We’ll be fine.


Considering over the last 14 years we’ve excelled in dissapointment, this article isn’t really going out on a limb here.


Totally agree.

We are primed.


There’s a big difference between saying “i think the Bombers will choke again” and writing a whole article with a lot of skewed stats and outright misinformation.

If you actually read that article and think it “isn’t really going out on a limb” then i think you’re missing what was wrong with it.


Without being overly dramatic or childishly optimistic about our chances, anyone who doesn’t rate us as a certainty for the next 2 flags is worse than Hitler.


Feels like the bloke who wrote that article feeds off the criticism, ‘cause the holes in his argument / opinion is embarrassing for its lack of fact. But hey, the Age and HS have reporters making a living out of this approach so I guess the guy reckons he’s on a winner.


96 comments on the Roar article by Cornwill. Most of those supporting him are his Roar cronies. I guess they have to stick together when under siege.

Actually the guy is disingenuous. He wears the “western Suburbs boy” tag as a badge of honour. Is that indicative of some kind of chip on the shoulder? He seems to know something about footy, but does not disclose which footy team he follows. Don’t tell me that there is even 1 footy fan that does not follow a club!


Maybe it’s Eddie McGuire? It sounds like something he’d say about Essendon.


damn straight you are


Reading the headline was enough.


The article needed a few more absolute statements.


Article did the job it was designed for perfectly then.

How to up visits to your struggling website.

Step 1. Write glaringly bad/wrong/offensive article about high traffic / flavour of the month entity to incite outrage.

Step 2. Wait for numptys to find it and get outraged and tell everyone they know how outrageous / stupid / wrong the article is.

Step 3. Sit back with a shiteating grin and rake in them sweet sweet click dollars.

Step 4, Repeat ad nauseum.

Do you have Roar shares Chris?

Because you just upped their traffic a shitload by posting that calculated clickbait here.


The Roar are generally rubbish but this guy has some fairly interesting things to say if you like using statistics.

Based on his statistical profiling he has us treading water and maintaining our position.

Well worth a read.