Lid On 2019: Not a fashionable place these days

I’m not saying anything about GWS that most of the more articulate/ tactically minded footy commentators and writers haven’t repeatedly pointed out.
When GWS is on they look a million dollars.
But too many of their players are front runners, with little or no defensive mindset.
The usual reason given is too many star draft picks and not enough team focused work horses.

At least we’ve been public about the shortcomings in our game style- hence Rutten etc.
It’s unknown whether GWS has realised a champion team will beat a team of champions.
Shiel’s comments re their training and lack of focus on development would say not yet.

JLT1 & 2 leave us with nagging doubt!

Lol. This actually did make me heartily laugh.

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thats what worries me. Our skill level isn’t that great to be honest


Their results over the last few septembers didn’t show it?

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compared to us?

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Can the OP please change this to the “Lid In” thread?

It’s basically where you gloomers can shove the lid.

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There you go, missed that one.

I’ll tell you where you can shove that log…


Clappers in the Lid On thread…

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I’d be more worried about our JLT form if we were cracking in and our guns were getting 30+ disposals, forwards kicking bags and we were losing.

But you can see that they were trying a few things and playing at 100% intensity.

Whereas cripps, danger, selwood, hawkins, ablett (somewhat) had huge games and we only lost the games by a few goals. Yes both opponents may have taken their foot off the gas in the last quarter but that was us for the previous 3 quarters.

I am worried though as I don’t think you can just flick a switch for round 1.

I would have preferred that we came out breathing fire like Adelaide did after a disappointing year in 2018. I feel like there was a lot of patting on the back at the hangar after 2018 just because we won 10 of our last 14 (kind of like after 2017 where everyone was happy to just make finals). We should have been bitterly disappointed about our 2018 season and hit the ground running in 2019.

I have concerns. I’m not going to lie. Hooker and Daniher injuries can’t have come at a worse time. Hooker having now missed a chunk of preseason on the back of the hamstring injury early this year & Joe coming off OP. We have had issues in the past playing with the required intent with any consistency. If we’re to cover these losses, we need to rise to that challenge especially in the midfield. We’re going to have to learn to defend better and some of the comments from the likes of Heppell, Smith and Merrett that we’re still learning a new game style is concerning. I’m a believer in our list, I think it’s the strongest we’ve had since 2000 but until we can play with the required intent, apply and cope with pressure and defend much better, I do fear we’re going to be in no mans land mid table mediocrity again. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but I’m afraid that seeing is believing and we haven’t seen this club do what successful teams do in a very long time. Sick of the hype and talk it’s time for action.


It’s pretty simple for lid In. We are going to lose every game. Our coach is crap. Our midfield are too inside and not enough outside. They don’t have the overhead skills of DeGoey. Everyone is injured or going to get injured. Our slogan is not righ this year. Other teams don’t respect us. The umpires have it in for us. James Hird. WOB. Gillon McPunchface. The new studs out rule. Blah blah blah


You just sound like a salty, sarcastic clapper.


Sounds like he has eaten too many furry logs…

You forgot the two most important phrases of the Lid In crowd - ‘I just want…’ and of course “I’m sick of…

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Sure it’s “eaten”?

Have you ever coached an AFL team?


I do it all the time.

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Then you know how ridiculous it is to expect to win every single game, and just because you don’t it doesn’t mean you should cut the entire list and sack the coaching staff.
Although, you may have some uses for all this extra straw I seem to have.