Lid On 2019: Not a fashionable place these days

Parish was better than a lot of others today and did not give up.


Exactly. Out he goes.


Lot of ifs today, like our kicking for goal. Didn’t think the result was that bad to be honest.

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Obviously, someone in the selection team doesn’t wasn’t us to play well, or is a bad judge of players.

Definitely wrong thread

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Wont win many games with poor kicking for goal and it doesn’t look like it will get fixed any time soon.

Write us off, we’re done

I believe we have gone backwards this year unfortunately.

Sydney from last year’s top 8 has gone backwards.

Melbourne, Richmond and Hawthorn have had a slow start due to injury.

Several teams have taken a considerable step forwards:

Geelong have added 3 quality youngsters, Port have added 4, West Coast 3, Richmond 4.

We’re further away from winning a final than we were last year. Miles away from a premiership.

When Sydney roll us on Friday night it will be standing room only in this thread


Watch us win the next 2 and then get smacked at Dreamtime

Same ■■■■ every year

Our next month really does have Essington potential:

Sydney @ SCG
Fremantle @ MRVL
Richmond @ MCG
Carlton @ MCG

Odds are there will be rain in a few of those too.

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I was a little disappointed with Blitz last night.

I fully expected after everyone being so confident of us beating Geelong that this place would have been delicious.

Unfortunately they came for the usual suspects and hardly any infighting.

A loss to Sydney should sort that out.


Must win all 4 if we want to be top 4.

All are certainly winnable given how Richmond are going with their injuries

On my limited viewing it appears there are three good teams this year. Fourth is available, just have to do that pesky winning thing more often.


I’m sorry good sir, you look lost? Might I help you find somewhere more suitable for your upbeat posts.

A couple more weeks of growth yet for this thread I think before we have all the swing voters over here for a coffee and cake.

Might scrape into the eight, but even then it wont feel like an improvement. Talented enough, but mentally fragile as a cohesive unit, and poorly coached.

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I did label winning as a pesky annoyance. It should be so easy, but…

Sydney are trash.

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They say the band kept playing on the Titanic.

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it smells like::

Losing to the bottom team, pressure comes on the club, someone gets scapegoated, win the next three including a gutsy 4 point win over Carlton, ESSEDON ARE BACK CLAP CLAP CLAP

nobody is arguing that, but they will lift for us.

They will come at us physically which they always do. We will go into our shells. Franklin will return from injury and kick them from everywhere. We will blame the 5 day break- even though we won’t have made changes at the selection table to freshen the side up.