Lid on 2020

New venue required, we outgrew the old venue


I’m in, I’m on.

Seriously, cannot see how we improve.

No Joe or Raz to come in when them missing was seen as the problem.

Backline getting older with not much experience put into young defenders.

Same story with the ruck – Bellchambers getting slow and Draper hasn’t played one game.

I really don’t know what we can do to win games against top six sides so we become one. Haven’t felt this flat in October since god knows when, maybe ever.

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I just came to check if Raz and JD were here. If they arrive can you let me know? Hold me a seat pls.

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This will be the run-out music Round 1 2020.

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I’m slightly ashamed of myself for not starting this thread. I will provide the catering and seating

With the dud worsfold still in charge, this place will be packed



Lid is super glued on, and isn’t coming off for some time. Great list management has us stuck with old defenders rapidly going down hill on massive contracts, while our few young potential elite talents jump ship for more money elsewhere. This is truly as grim as it gets. Until X, dodoro, and the absentee Chairman are pulled out of the club by their hair, and loaded into the cannon, this year, as truly ■■■■■■■ pathetic as it was, is probably as good as it’s going to get for some time. There is a cancer at this club, and most of them are sitting around the boardroom table.


IMO i dont see us improving in 2020.
Tigers, GWS, West Coast, Collingwood, Geelong, Brisbane, Doggies, Hawthorn, Sydney & prob even Carlton will finish above us. We’ll be fighting it out with Saints, Dees, Freo and Port mid table.
Adelaide, North & Suns to round out the bottom.
Most games we won this year couldve gone either way.
Who did we beat this year with a comfortable margin? Brisbane (early), North (early), Carlton, Adelaide, Freo - 4 teams who really struggled and consequently sacked their coach.
If we start the season poorly again surely Rutten will be handed the keys early on & that’ll be another season wasted. I hope we trade some players out for picks in now, Rutten in charge from day 1 (with Woosha training wheels on) play the kids, finish bottom 4 for a low draft pick and reset for 2021?
Fark Carlton!

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Hope Dodoro isn’t stupid enough to trade our future 1st rounder (which we can do if we get a 1st rounder for Joe or Raz this season)

We’ll be bottom 4 next year.

It’s October 2019 & it’s already lid on 2020.

That must be record

I don’t think we’ll be bottom 4, but we’ll get overtaken by Port, Hawthorn, North & Sydney

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hello, first time.

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I’m sensing an 8-10 win season. Finishing 10-12th. Middle of the road. Back to where we belong.

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Take this lid off talk elsewhere, this is the lid on thread!


Yeah I’m in for the first time ever.

OUT: Daniher, Fantasia
IN: Phillips

I need a bucket…

I have turned to the dark side and could be here a long time