Lid ON 2024. Negativity Galore and We Want More!

Brace yourself lid on people


I’d be interested to see a comparison of Melbourne teams we’ve played at both MCG and Marvel, though even that may not be a fair comparison, as they’d likely be different years, with different form.

I still say those stats are heavily influenced by who we play, rather than how we play.

This is where I sit.

I have refused to be sucked in and get my hopes up again. Never again. I could show you wins that were just as impressive as the GWS win we had this year, multiple times over almost every year previously. Crows win last year. Dees win last year.

The game style has looked better granted, but I was looking for some impressive wins against North, WCE and Richmond and what I got looked like the usual scrape over the line wins, that proved we looked more like old Essington than usual. Over reliance on Merrett, the defenders and pressure game slipping as the year wears on.

The midfield has dipped and fallen down badly, excuses are being made by those hanging on, the clearance game has us losing to a team that had won 1 game combined in 20. We’re realistically 1 loss from being about 7-10th.

I thought to myself last week the old Essington I know would lose to GC. The old Essington I know loses to Carlton, the pessimist in me says by a huge margin but probably just by around 4-6 goals I guess… If we beat Carlton it may be the first time since I was a young teen that I think this team may just win a final. I don’t think we win.


@theDJR thank you very much, David.

I know this is the lid on thread. But despite all the issues, do you think we’re a better team than last year?

Goldstein straight back in…sigh

More like Bryan straight out…

im not watching Sunday nights game. got to take in the replay.

This is not usually a good omen for me. I seem to pick the bad games and miss them on the telly live.

I also pick the bad games to watch in person.

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But were rubbish when we played them. Even Cwood were doing a cripple dance and GWS were atrocious. Our test is whether we go from good to great when we play the likes of Carlton. Our year is looking very much like previous years at this point. Playing basket cases into momentary form then quite likely capitulating.

Dogs beat Pies convincingly, I want to see us do the same to Carlton, injuries or not. They’re a seriously strong team. LID ON

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Yep. Sign me the ■■■■ up.

There’s every chance we’re going to lose 4 out of 5 in this stretch.


Melbourne after the Pies as well.


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Im teetering

They’ve got the Geelong game to keep me otherwise Im going ALL IN here.


Warming up the keyboard, I’m ready to launch into the next arc of the season where we start targeting the board and reminding each other that half the VFL team walked out and quit at the end of last year due to deep organisational incompetence and nothing has changed and we’re still a rabble, etc


Was fun while it lasted.


soon we’ll have a draft pick high enough for nGA prospect kako, so theres that i guess.

I’ve been lid-on all year, but seriously, on-field looks very similar to what we saw early in the year when the lid-off thread was going nuts. Only real difference is our delivery inside 50 and conversion rate have fallen off their respective cliffs.

Any chance you could commit to watching all our remaining games live on t.v? Cheers

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