Life Membership


Thanks @SMJ

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“It’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of his football life.”

Was a pleasure for us supporters too.

Gunna miss the finger pointing.


Great stuff, very well deserved.


Is it just me or has the fact that Ryder is getting it as well has been kept very quiet.
FK Ryder, still can’t believe we are giving it to him.
Awesome for Goddard, glad the board used their discretion in that decision, well and truly deserved.


Yeah I’m not thrilled with Ryder. Perhaps we need to reserve the right to not award it… probs wouldn’t be a good look though. Wonder if he’ll be there to accept it :joy:


Ryder has qualified so he has to get, but maybe we could just post the certificate COD, and not invite him to the actual ceremony.


What does a life membership get you?

I assume you get your name on an honour board, but that must be all.


A lolly bag, a balloon, and invites to other events.


I thought Ryder got it last year but didn’t bother turning up for the ceremony ?


I’d suppose it means admission to all Home games at least, and possibly away fixtures as well.

That’s what normal M/ships do, so I’ve always thought it’s that,… gratis, until you go toes up.


Not only don’t they realise BJ’s contribution to the EFC in difficult times, many couldn’t care less either. As long as we know and recognise his good works, that is really all that matters.


freedom from a ■■■■ bsd nickname.


And long before that – e.g. when we off-loaded Hardwick before he could play his contracted tenth season with us, he was inducted anyway per the discretion clause.


What a super bloke / footballer! Lots of great memories. Love how he’s moved on from the disappointment of not getting an extension and chance to get that elusive premiership. Hopefully when the day comes and Essendon’s celebrating that win, Brendon’s there sharing it with the boys. Thanks for everything Brendon. You are truly a champion of the EFC


Hardwick is in as a premiership player isn’t he?


That wasn’t a qualifying method at the time.


A fair bit of noise was made on here after Ryder was given his life membership.





Ah I see. I do remember something about his induction being different at the time. We obviously felt guilty given how much we farked up with cap mgmt at that time. Was a terrible period off-field. That said if it got us the 3 flags it should have we probably wouldn’t have complained as much.

Did they retrospectively issue them once that rule did come in?


Robert Shaw was given life membership under discretionary powers. He was one of the architects of the 2000 premiership.