Line in the Sand? Surely this must be the moment!

We know the comp hates us, our players show very little heart one week and give everything the next.

If the club wants to end 19 years of mediocrity, players need to bring mouth guards to every training session from here on in and we need to drop the extra baggage that is stopping us from being a once successful, once proud club!

Easy game this week.
Out zerrett, hooker, shiel all managed
In Long, Houlihan, Langford

Line in the sand.


We don’t do that.

We didn’t do it last year when we were 2-6 and we won’t do it even if we’re 3-14.

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They laugh at us, the same way we do Carlton.

Every year it’s almost a joke that we think we can be top 4. Other supporters laugh and say it’s all hype and we will fall apart at some stage.

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I honestly cannot think of another side as overrated as we have been in my 40 years of following VFL/AFL.

Our players would get scared of the sand and run off

Have to hire an excavator. Our boys are way to nice and sensitive to disturb any sandy environment.

Was going to say soft but thought that may upset some of them.

If a line in the sand was drawn, X would have to tweet an apology to the players for their sandpit getting messed up.


Line in the sand
Home truths

Blah blah blah.

And the comp doesn’t hate us, they laugh at us. We are too gutless to make a tough call

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This is a season defining game for us…

We always lose these.

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I’m sure there well be some “learnings” we can take from the loss though.


How many line in sand games Essendon win?

Will mean nothing if they don’t play consistent football week in week out.

That’s why there’s so much anger and disappointment at the moment. It felt like we’d turned the corner in the second half of last year, and that we got what was required.

And yet this year…