List build - where are we going in the next 10,000 posts?

Jack Peris has some small defensive forward attributes. Only played 1 game for 13 possessions and 4 tackles

Small at 178, but the athletic bloodlines that suggest he should be quick with both parents Olympic sprinters.

Get Jack Peris and bring back Xavier Campbell to present him with his jumper



you just saw the first three words of the headline and launched straight away, didn’t you

Reckon Nino hacks about 10 accounts this time of year.

52% by foot in his “good year”

Not fast either

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Yes, Bytel might add more defensive side around the contest, but in transition he’d possibly be a liability.

That’s why I think we need a very good winger who can run pocket to pocket. Martin has been good, but he’d be more dangerous as a forward with the odd midfield time here and there. We don’t need him running from pocket to pocket.
Bytel helps defensive mid wise and being a bigger body. Our CBA mix would be more varied.

I think we absolutely need Martin running pocket to pocket. If he’s doing that, he’ll get more of it, and good kicking is important on every line.

I also think we need another good kicker coming out of the backline so that we aren’t relying so heavily on Redman and Rids.
Hind, Heppell, Laverde or Massimo aren’t that type. Massimo could be, but he goes into his shell when he makes a mistake.
And a creative small forward.

A lot of work to do with the list.

Well, that is what Reid is meant to provide.

But better kicks everywhere would be nice. Not that there is any team that can’t be said for.

He’s been injured a lot, but when he gets on the park, he’s rarely been under ten possession in more games than not.
Whatever we get from him should be a bonus above what we have, not something we can rely on.

It’s a pity we couldn’t get Liam Henry.
Kane Farrell from Port would be a good pickup to help with kicking out of the backline. But no way will they trade him to us.

A backline of:
McGrath, Reid (Injuries permitting), Baldwin
Ridley, Redman, Merrett
Really appeals to me, Merrett being the cream with his kicking, all other (McGrath?) are capable kicks.


I like Cox is Heppell’s current role as a higher defender who clocks the kms

At some point Merrett will likely move into defence. But it’s hard to justify when he’s just won his 2nd AA in three years as a midfielder and our midfield isn’t entirely great


My thinking is that I think he will be just as valuable to the team at HB, maybe even more.
Whilst, it allow us to get a more balanced midfield with a Setterfield, or the like, bringing that defensive mid.

He’s got that sweet combination of being slow and a ■■■■ kick

Need to get the ball lots to offset that

He doesn’t


I think key forward, medium forward, HBF and ruck are our key areas to address in the off-season. Key forward is where I’d be investing our first pick.

Priority to guys who are smart, defensively minded and can kick.

With Langford, Stringer and Perkins, I think we’re ok for medium forward. Need to get some good hard running small and half forwards. We keep just playing young inside mids through half forward

For key forward, I think we look to get everything else right and then look to trade one in


First priority to to get a S&C team that can actually do what they’re paid to do. Without that, we are doomed to failure. After that’s fixed we need the following:

  1. At least one hard nosed big bodied midfielder (or 2 if we can find them)
  2. A gorilla to play full back. Can either be Mackay or get Reid on the park
  3. A small forward (can we convince Henry to choose us?)
  4. CHF (Unless we can get either Jones or Hunter on the park - ideally would like to see them both playing for the one position)
  5. A backup ruckman although we have Weideman and Wright that can fill the role. Goldstein is a no brainer at little cost other than a list spot.

If we are to land out target as outlined in the Media:

OUT --------- IN
Monty-------Our first Pick
Zerk---------Our 2nd Pick

Still out of contract: