List build - where are we going in the next 10,000 posts?

1 rookie or SSP spot
2 Cat B spots


Dodoro talked about it being a focus to improve the front half.

Maybe we go Sanchez tomorrow, or trial for an SSP if he isn’t available.

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Did I read somewhere a few weeks ago that we were going after a mature small forward from Werribee or Williamstown? Or am I mistaken?

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Was taken tonight

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Cats took him

Fark Carlton


He said that and then we took two half backs :joy:


It’s your area, but we’re there good forwards available who were better players than Lual/Roberts.

We also need running half backs.

I wonder if Lual will be tried up forward at all.

So in the end we’ve upgraded alot of positions through trading and draft.

Philips → Goldy
BZK → McKay
Snelling → Gresham
Mass - > Duursma
Voss → Caddy
Lord → Lulu
Montgomery → Roberts

Tippa replaced by Baldwin which isn’t really a swap.

On face value looks like lots of improvements, our list is looking stronger and deeper for 25.


You could look at it like this

Philips → Goldy
BZK → McKay
Snelling → duursma
Mass - > rogers
Voss → Caddy
Lord → Lulu
Montgomery → Baldwin*
Tippa → gresh



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So 41 on the list now. 1 more spot I expect we’ll hold over for train on candidates. Maybe some surprise rookie BS too…

both are big bodies so it stands

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Liked how one of the journos used the term “transformative” when referencing Essendon’s list rebuild. This should have Essendon supporters excited. It’s likely the injection of senior talent will fast track improved standards and competitiveness in game.

Would like to see Scott take the transformation a step further and play youth over suspect/limited senior experience.

Guelfi has his limitations with inconsistent forward pressure. Jones’ body fails him, which in turn impacts his confidence, reducing his output. Kelly is an honest toiler who can do a job but there’s scope to move past him. Laverde’s aggression is a positive but Reid or Cox could take his spot. Weideman probably has his papers stamped with Hunter, even Caddy taking his spot. Will be interesting to see how Hepp goes in ‘24?


Been a great offseason but how well we go next year will largely fall on what type of seasons Wright, Stringer and Draper have. Still lack that star power.

Unless someone like Perkins or Cox has a massive breakout

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Anyone got access?

How late can you add a category B rookie? Or is that it now?

We have two free spots now after McBride and Munkara were moved on. You’d think we’d be looking to give someone a chance given its a ‘free hit’.

Can add cat b’s at any stage, even mid season