List build - where are we going in the next 10,000 posts?

Gone from main list
Shiel, Weideman


Priority signing
Caldwell 2+ year extension
Cox 2 year extension
Guelfi 2 year extension
El-Hawli - 1 year extension

rest can wait until end of year
J Davey

Move J Davey to rookie list?
Delist Goldy and add to rookie list

Saad likely deserves at least another year extension. Has been great in the VFL.

We’re that good that you’re only seeing fit to part ways with three players. Holy moly.

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More could go just saying only priority at the moment is Caldwell, Cox and Guelfi, plus Saad extension.

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Ah right, that’s fair, I misread the bit about the others being wait and sees for this year.

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Barely more of a waste than the current cosplay key forwards who can’t take a mark.

I think it is likely that we’ll delist and re-rookie at least one player.
I doubt that’ll be Goldy.

Davey definitely is a candidate. Same with Luol. Same with Hind. Maybe even Baldwin.
Would love to do the same with Kelly or Hep but they’re rated too highly by the coaches.

Obviously, you do run the risk of a player exploring their options and leaving just like Massimo did.

Any player delisted and rookies is a UFA for life. You want to be damn sure they won’t make it, or they’ll stay loyal.

Strategically a player like Heppell, Kelly or Goldy who other clubs are unlikely to draft against their wishes and who are already UFA are lowest risk. You’d imagine Baldwin would stay loyal given what we’ve done.


Yeah, and someone who’s been delisted and re-rookied has a pretty solid grasp on how precarious their career is, so unless you’ve got a Baldwin situation, loyalty is a lot to ask over security.


It’s becoming harder to delist players each year that’s a good thing. still rough around the edges but means our list is in decent shape imo.

Agreed but if we are serious a few more need to go so we can improve and not be perennially mediocre.


Expect us to trade out at minimum one player. Don’t have any guesses at who, but this is the point in the new coach journey where they start flipping the list.

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Agree which ever player that doesn’t look like it we remove them and then replace with better players via FA or trade.

Bryan will be seeking a trade

When I look at the better sides of the last few years with a couple of exceptions there’s been a discernable list strategy that matches the coaching / game strategy.

eg Collingwood and Sydney’s lists are built on ground ball specialists with elite handling and kicking skills. They haven’t prioritized talls, they look more for mobility and their game strategy revolves around piercing the zone with precision and gut running delivering to an unpredictable forward line where small forwards as as important as the big forwards.

Geelong and Brisbane’s lists are built around dominant spines. They are happy to get behind the ball and absorb the opposition’s attacks because of the one on one prowess of their key backs and look to create space for their talls to work in up forward with smalls who thrive at the fall of the ball rather than being primary targets.

Our game strategy is built around this concept of ‘edge’ which if i understand it correctly are best personified by Durham, Caldwell and Merrett. Tough at the contest, defense first, accountable football with attacking based on handball chains and gut running. Make it hard to play against us for the other team and explode from half back when we have it without exposing our backline to turnovers.

What I don’t see is how our list strategy is matching that game strategy. I don’t think you win ■■■■ until the two are cohesive.


Goldy, Weid, Menzie, Lual, Sheil, then trade one of Baldwin/Lav/Hayes (probably get the most for Lav and he doesn’t fit our timeline).

Wasn’t that hard to come up with 6 tbh

Surely we can find a decent mature ruck in a state league

Lual isn’t getting delisted. Lunacy. He was never a short term recruit. I suspect his development is relatively on par with where the club expected.


Bryan is one of the most dominant rucks in a state league. Last year so was Moyle. So is Sweet.

If I’m choosing between Lual and Saad l, I’m keeping Saad.

We will find a way to keep both imo, and probably Hunter too. As long as they put the work in off the field and there are no concerns regarding ‘culture fit’