List build - where are we? Where are we going next (Part 1)

Thanks…looks like we’ll take 3 at the draft then and upgrade Snelling to main list.



Thank you. This works much better for my brain.

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I like Clarke and he tries really hard and has a big heart but sorry no speed, limited skills and average size. How many other lists would he make? I think we are being ‘nice.’

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He isn’t going to take us to a flag but he does offer depth in the midfield, which we need. The question is do we replace him with a Dumont/Sier/Constable instead?

We had 3 first choice midfielders out this year and he still didn’t play midfield. He’s probably likely to go further back in the queue when new recruits come in. Not sure of the point of hanging on to him


Going by Dodoro’s comments, I think there’s a view by the football department to not break up the playing group this year given how close they are.

They might view it as being detrimental if they delisted Clark but picked up Constable.

I would support getting Constable in addition to Clark though - who else do we have playing inside mid in our VFL anyway?

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I’d much rather have a swing at an 18 or 19 year old then recycle someone who might be 5% better


Constable is only 21? And his exposed form shows he’s considerably better than someone we’d likely take on the rookie list instead


If the justification for keeping him on the list is “midfield depth”, then that answers the question.

Genuinely uncertain on Constable. He has strengths, but his weaknesses are very hard to cover in modern football.

He gets a lot of the ball clearly, but that really isn’t everything if you don’t damage the opposition or if you can be exploited by an opponent running off you.


It’s a list of 44, all of them can’t be best 22. Sure you can have another 18 yo drafted at pick 107, but then you get belted in the VFL and that harms development.

You do need experienced back up players (not a whole heap, but some), even if it’s to help youngsters in the VFL and play the odd game in the AFL.

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And what do you call a depth midfielder who never plays midfield?

That’s the bit I have a problem with. He’s a depth forward flanker.

Current list ins/outs are:


Hooker (Retired)
Zaharakis (Retired/Delisted)
Ambrose (Retired)
Gleeson (Delisted)
Mosquito (Delisted)
Cahill (Delisted)
Johnson (Delisted)
McQuillan (Retired)


Waterman (SSP)
Durham (Mid Season Draft)
Kelly (Adelaide - UFA)

The only possible move we can make on our list pre-draft will be Clarke and whether he stays or goes. At the moment it’s 8 out, possibly 9. I’ve counted Waterman and Durham as ins because we still had to clear room for them to stay on the list by way of delisting/retirements. So right now, we have 8 out, 3 in. Shaping up as us taking 4-5 picks on draft night plus a DFA, depending on what we do with Clarke. Clearly the goal is to improve our draft hand and get another pick between 11 and our 2nd selecting, which is in the 50s. Pretty conservative stuff, but perhaps a sign of a new found method in terms of the slow build as opposed to quick fix trades and big money FA signings. Good article by Jake Niall in The Age talking as such about a different approach with Josh Mahoney as footy boss.

Yeah that is certainly why he was delisted and I am not arguing that he would be best 22. But he would considerably make out vfl team better, and therefore help the development of everyone else.

But say if Stringer went down, Constable would be a solid replacement for him I’d reckon as he’d complement McGrath, Parish and Merrett who have the speed

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Yeah that’s a fair point, but he does have versatility, he can play high half forward and kick a goal or tag if needed. Do we replace him with a Constable or Sier who are just slow inside mids? That’s the question

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