List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Im unsure who it was on this forum that said the club weren’t too concerned with Jackson Merrett, and are giving him every opportunity to learn his new role as a rebounding defender.

That was mid season.


I thought he was playing small forward before he broke his leg and would possibly have come in to replace Green when he got hurt.


It seemed to me they’d given up on Jerrett down back, and were now trying Redman there. Both he and Jerrett IMO improved from switching (Jerrett back to his old role).


Anyone know who the guy is who rucked for Williamstown in the Grand Final this year. He is a super get.



  • Jobe Watson
  • Brent Stanton
  • Jackson Merrett
  • Craig Bird
  • Ben Howlett
  • Heath Hocking
  • James Kelly
  • Yestin Eades ®
  • Shaun McKernan ®

1 Year Deal:

  • Brendon Goddard
  • Mark Baguley
  • Josh Green
  • Alex Morgan
  • Jake Long? (Promoted off rookie list)

That’s 7 senior delistings, 1 rookie list promotion, and 3 new acquisitions via trade, leaving us with 3 live picks in the National Draft. Personally, I would try to sign Anthony Miles as a DFA provided we see a spot for him in the firsts (I think he could displace a Colyer, Langford, or Laverde type so there is a spot for him if he’s up to it), which would leave us with only 2 live selections.

The players I’m least sure about are Jake Long, Alex Morgan, and Josh Green. If Green is not going to contribute next year due to injury, there may be no value in retaining him as I’m skeptical as to his future beyond the next 12 months. VFL watchers would have a better idea as to whether Long and Morgan have what it takes.


I wouldn’t be looking at playing Miles ahead of Lang or Lav, those two would be much better options imo.


Hasn’t Miles been offered a contract at Richmond?


Maybe, but only of those three is a proven clearance winner at AFL level. Miles is 25 so it’s not as if he is at the tail end of his career either necessarily. Wouldn’t be a bad thing to make Lav and Lang have to earn their spots.


He has, but my understanding is that he’s weighing up his options. At Tigers, he will be a backup. If another club offers a multi-year deal with the understanding that there is a spot for him in their first-choice midfield, there’s a good chance he will leave I reckon.


Surely look to give them as much opportunity as possible next year. All well and good to make them ‘earn’ it but i’d say Langford has done his time in the VFL and if he is going to make it as a midfielder, 2018 is it. Otherwise i’d say as both are out of contract at the years end, they would go look for opportunity elsewhere.

Myers and Bird are contracted until end of 2019 (according to Footywire) so while Miles is a better prospect than both of them as a depth player (slim hope that Myers pulls the finger out), don’t think we can fit another bloke that is not that far away from them in terms of potential upside.

Much rather we back in the youth to come through - Parish, Begley, Mutch, Lang, Lav,


o-m-g bird is still under contract???


haha I did have the same reaction - apparently so


If so… the club kept that one very quiet.


Personally i’d trust Dunlop’s contract thread which says he’s out of contract


I’d say given Bird is not mentioned on any of the ‘out of contract’ lists, its probably correct.




Ive heard he’s kilometres off it.


I’d be more inclined to believe that the journos who have made those OOC lists are basing it on the data on Footywire, which isn’t always correct.


I’d love to see McKernan offered a role in the VFL- maybe playing assistant.

He’s an absolute beast in the VFL. He could single handedly destroy teams at this level.


27 yo Ayce Cordy formerly of Footascray?