List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Haha possibility, is there anything out there that says he is out of contract?


Of those three guys, only one has a place in our best 22 and he’s a pure winger, so as fumbly as he is its unlikely Miles could replace him!


Langford will be best 22 in 2018, playing inside mid.
Nothing surer.


If we offered him a starting spot we should sack EVERYONE. He kicks worse than 2017 J Watson.


No it’s a fat bloke called Reese who is the most vfl looking player you’ll ever see. 29, 196cm or so.


I don’t understand why people keep banging on about Miles. He’s not going to be playing for us next season, so forget about it.


And hes another sub 6ft mid at that


But we only need two more to finally put on a stage show of The Hobbit.


From 2017 AFL Prospectus:


based on ?


Do we have to officially delist players before 2pm today?


No one was into Miles back when he was getting a regular game for Richmond and now that he isn’t he’s talked about like he’s the ‘Moneyball’ signing every club needs to make. We have Langford, Begley, Clarke and Mutch who we should prioritise.


100%. Those 4 are kids ( literally) and do not be surprised


Yes, but look what Freako Says.


I’ll remember that when I’m drafting my dreamteam for next year :wink:


he’s terrible by foot. Watch a game.


Miles is 180 cm. Thats not a big bodied midfielder, He is not in the size category we need.

BJ is 193 cm. About the same size as Bont and Pendles. He is not fast, but has a massive tank. Maybe we should manage BJ, limit him to 18 games, playing him at stoppages. and defensive midfielder. dropping back to be the +1 when we run with that setup.


Howlett and Bird GAWN


Jackson Merrett should buy a lotto ticket.


interesting re howlett.

and interesting in general why he and bird, albeit bird only twice were picked to play this year when obviously they decision was reached early on that they prolly wouldn’t be playing next year.

good decisions, just odd that development of others wasn’t prioritised above playing these 2.