List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Unfortunate for Howlett. Great Essendon person, and sounds like a great bloke. Best of luck for the future.


Bird is stiff. Paying the price for averaging 21 disposals @ 81pc and three clearances in his two games this year. Jackson Merrett must have really impressed at the army camp or something.


or be thankful his brother plays for us and is probably going to be to 5-10 in the comp next year.


Or maybe his time will come … in a few days time.


IMO Bird was taken (like Cooney & Gwilt) incase the worst possible scenario happened to the 12 Essendon players from the saga.


Right call I think to move them on.

Had both become back up players this year.

Sad for Howlett he won’t be around for a more successful period at the club.

Always felt he could have thrived as the teams inside No 1 inside mid, if given the opportunity in there.


A bottom side might pick up either of them to help protect the kids but they are not worthy of being in a topline AFL team.

Good luck to them both.

Doesn’t mean that others still won’t be delisted. Likely waiting to see what comes of DFA’s and the draft.





6 of our 10 oldest players from last season are now gone.

Big change in list demographic.


Can you post a link for that page?


So with these latest 2 delistings, by my reckoning we now have (up to) 4 spots to fill, one of which must be a main list player.



We have retired/delisted 6 from the main list. SSS trades in, three spots for the draft/rookie upgrades. We don’t need to do anymore if we don’t want to.

J Merrett and Morgan now hang on if any DFA opportunities (edit don’t) come up. Perhaps if Morgan gets squeezed out, he might be offered relisting in the rookie draft. Jerret, at most gets a one year main list contract and has to prove in 2018 why he is worth more than a high pick in the 2018 super draft.

Decision time on a few players from later stages of the 2015 and 2016 draft will be on at the end of next season. Those who have 2019 contracts (Francis, Redman) will be thanking their lucky stars that they have a free pass.


This sites pretty good if you want to compare list demographics.


Jeez. Old man Bags. Feels like we’ve gone from Fletch being the oldest for a decade to Baguley being the elder gentleman at the ripe old age of 30 in no time.

Edit: forgot BJ. Just like so many 2018 best 22s


All the best to Benny and Bird.

Maybe Howlett can stick around and play in the VFL.


For those playing at home… we do not HAVE to delist anyone else to meet AFL draft guidelines.

We now have room on our list for 3 picks in the National Draft, and 1 pick in the Rookie Draft.


We are going to have a young, exciting squad next year.

As handy as Hocking, Stanton, Bird and Howlett were they were never going to play a part in our future.

This allows us to give our young midfielders more time in the centre at both AFL level and VFL.


I don’t fully understand this argument.

We need clearance winners. We have next to none. It’s a major flaw in our game that’s only set to become more prominent given the departure of our best clearance winner in Jobe. Anthony Miles is a proven clearance machine. Just because he doesn’t fit your ideal height requirement, we shouldn’t look at getting him in for free?


Seeing how this year is panning out I hope we pick up some young quality in next years draft. Only an elite mid finally coming to our club should change this.