List build - where are we? Where are we going next


And Miles was moved out of side for others who were either quicker with better ball use - Prestia, or able to play fwd adequately with better ball use - Caddy

The modern AFL game does not allow for short slow inside mid only players who offer nothing further & with poor disposal

Parish will be able to do everything Miles/Bird could now he has bulked up and ready for it. as well as spread from contest and use footy well.

Zac Merrett is also a ferocious competitor but played more away from the contest this year. Likely to expand his game further as well like Parish was, and also given he shouldered an enormous load at the coal face in 2016. Sam Mitchell was known as the “extractor” for his clearance work and Zerrett is basically a similar player.


Ahm…The Hanger, Tullamarine?


Miles had an “above average kick rating” in 2016 because Richmond kept kicking 20 metres backwards.
Another BS statistic.


Clearances are part of a whole game plan. And anyway let’s break it down into scores from clearances. Do you realise Richmond was 14th for clearances.


No Howlett and Bird… no room for big slow inside mids trying to get their hands first to it. They call it playing the second and third ball in soccer… wait till the opposition get the ball then rely on quick guys to intercept the next short pass ie. get the second or third ball.

Or I could be talking out my bum


Who is Miles and why do we keep talking about him




not adverse to get myles, but at present doesn’t sorta fit in anywhere atm.
i know people will say he’s an inside mid and we need that, and theoretically we do.

however we have a midfield of hepp, parish zerrett, myers goddard, and a few others and now we have stringer and smith who will be pushing through the midfield more also.

where exactly do people think this non superstar inside mid is going to fit in there ?

We need the midfield to compete better as a whole, and restrict oppositions ability to stroll through us when we don’t win the tap, which you don’t need an inside mid to do, you need competative animals who work hard and fast both ways.
We also need better combos in there. if anyone expects us to be top 4 next year with goddard, hepp and myers starting in the midfield or at center bounces, we have some legit problems.

ONE of hepp and myers should be in the midfield for center bounces, and the others made up of guys like zerrett, parish, smith etc etc.

Hepp needs to re focus his game and become more of an inside mid, he hasn’t got the best disposal so shouldn’t be used as much on the outside as he is.

the pieces are there IMO now this year, or well next, just gotta fine tune it now and fit themm all in the right spots.


We need GOOD clearance players

Guys who can win clearance and find space for quality disposal.
Guys who can play at the clearance and be more useful than ■■■■ on a bull once the opposition have it and it leaves their immediate area
Guys who can play at the clearance and kick.

There’s not much net benefit to the team of getting 2-3 more clearances if you’re also turning it over 1-2 more times than the next guy, and if the guy you’re on is basically off the chain all the time because you can’t or won’t go with him, thise clearances don’t carry much weight at all.

Miles is poor at best outside the immediate vicinity of the clearance - which is a fair part of why he’s played 70 games over 6 seasons at 2 clubs.


I was dead on in the camp thinking we should get this guy earlier but now NO. Lavarde, Myers, Langford even Begley lets seize the day boys. Make the spot your own!!!. I will miss the Bobcat the most…the little engine that could but couldn’t.


Probably because we just scraped into the 8. We had lots of inexperience playrers during the year, I guess bird and Howlett played to keep us balanced so that we had a realistic chance of making finals.

We weren’t in the bottom out phase of development, as evidenced by the fact we did end up in the finals. Perhaps if we were top 4 or bottom 4, those two guys might not have played.


The most pressing need is clearance mids. Mcgrath did this very well at under 18s. Laverde is perfect for this also. Hes more aggressive than any of our other mids.

1st rotation: Mcgrath, Parish, Laverde
2nd rotation: Zerrett, Heppell, ???

We can grab Rayner from Brisbane in 2 years. Then we can have Mcgrath, Zerrett and Rayner


oh cool…

… who is Freako?


We could go close to youngest age profile in the comp next year.
Ignoring rookie B (couldn’t see LAV2.0 DOB anywhere) and assuming we pick up:

Updated to include rookie B-listed players

3x 18.5 year olds and 1x 25 year old to fill the 4 remaining spots, gives us an average age of 23.6




Think I read somewhere he’s 21?


Yep, 21. DOB 8/7/96.


Pfff anyone would think you’re his dad or something :wink:


I have been known to forget his birthday, so pretty happy I was able to remember the date :joy:

I don’t remember his 21st though…


Gutless decision to get rid of Bobcat and keep Jerrett.
Clearly Bobcat is the better and more flexible player.
Morgan remains lucky IF he keeps on the list.