List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Reassuring they are ignoring leap years :face_with_monocle:


The arrival of your mate Devvy Smith may have pushed Bobcat too far down the queue in that forward/mid role :wink:

P.S. Were you always this fiery karma? You are in cracking form of late!!


Really hope someone is working with Dylan Clarke on his field kicking in the off season, some impressive u18 stats and just the type of player we need.

30 disposals (ranked second), 17 contested possessions (first) and seven clearances (second) per game.

Under 18 national championships-
ranking first for average contested possessions (13) and clearances (six), as well as second for disposals (24). Subsequently, he was rewarded with All-Australian selection at the conclusion of the carnival.


thats just my spreadsheet laziness. cbf’d going to any more effort than divide by 365


With the two delistings yesterday we now have the 6th youngest list.

We are set for an extended period at the top with a bit of luck. Good times.



I don’t think that’s clear at all. I think they are pretty similar in terms of ability and flexibility. However Howlett is on the decline due to age.
No question Jerrett is lucky if he does survive though.


I don’t think that Miles is an upgrade on Bird and we just got rid of Bird.


I don’t even know why this is a conversation. If Miles was going anywhere it would have been during the trade period. If by small chance he is delisted then there are plenty of clubs likely to snap him up before us. And even so, it’s pretty clear the direction the club is taking and I doubt very much that Miles fits into that.

Personally I’m not interested, and the fact we got rid of Bird and Howlett suggests the club won’t be either. I’d rather develop some of our younger players.


He wouldn’t come to us knowing he’s just going to be a backup. May as well stay at Richmond if that’s the case.


This guy is worth a look in my opinion.


I don’t see the need to go after Miles. We need to develop an inside brigade to compete for the next 7 years. 2019 mid rotations will be something like:





That’s a fairly decent midfield rotation, with enough talent at each center bounce to be competitive. Throw Goddard in there in lieu of Begley or Stringer for 2018.

We need another 190cm brute, but that isn’t Miles. Until we develop or trade one in, we will still be ok.


I thought we were “linked” to him back in the day…?


Its possible, although I don’t recall.

I doubt he would be a world beater but has a nice skill set and could become a good role player.

Worth a shot late in the draft if still around.


Perhaps I just remember the name from the long list of highlights vids…


Anthony is Miles off joining Essendon. Next.


yet we got smashed in the final, which some of us could predict weeks out from finals, to which we also lost of out development games and to see how far off or close langford and begley were, and or how much ork they’d need to do for this coming year.

So the only vague positive out of it all is, on paper we made finals, which was a highly probable outcome, considering the opposition, had we played the youngsters.
got smashed in the final, lost of on a chance to develop.

so again it doesn’t make sense, howlett or bird will hardly be the reason we made the finals or missed out. strange decision to play them, it was at the time, its’ even stranger with hindsight.


McNiece - Cat A rookie now


Thanks for the clarity. May I ask where it came from? I’m doing my dreamteam’s pricing, so need the final list of each team.



Good call on guelfi