List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Haha, forgot I posted that.

Will claim it though.


Is it possible that rookies from the NGA are automatically moved onto the Rookie A list from their second year? Hence why McNeice has been moved?
As opposed to other Rookie B’s who could stay on rookie B longer


I would say, as others have theorised, that it was the reason we only took one rookie pick. We would prefer he was available from round 1 rather than wait for an injury.


Really, someone should have asked about this at the members’ forum!


I may as well have crack at who we trade, delist or who retires at the end of 2018

Jerrett, smack, green, laverde. langford, bags, myers, long, goddard, dea, brown. loony


That’s 12. Steady on, that is what the Blooos have done for the last 3 years, and it has worked so well for them. Right?


We are heading to 20 years without a flag, time to get the axe out


That’s a bit over the top. I would agree that whoever we get rid of will most likely come from that list, but I would think it will be 5 or 6 of them at most.

There’s a lot of water to go under the bridge. Any of those guys could show enough form to get a contract extension of one or more years. Hell if Lav or Lang explode like many hope, they might do a McKenna and get a 4 year extension.

There are also other blokes like McNeice and the second year guys that will need to show something or be at risk.

Myers is contracted for 2019 so he will either be traded or stay


Let’s see how the year plays out. Or at least a couple of months of footy, before making these calls


No way do Langford or LAV get delisted next year. Highly doubt they are traded either.


If either of them struggles to break into the 22, I can see them requesting a trade. In that scenario we aren’t unlikely to get much for them.

But hopefully they have big years and sign up for a few more!


I hope so. I’ve want to see them go on to great things. But I agree with Dunny.


The whole point of our list build is to have a core group of now currently 18-24yr olds all together as 24-30yr olds. For a period of sustained success.

There is no way that 21yr old players who’ve got clear talent like Lang and LAV are going anywhere from EFC’s point of view.

They are tracking well. Skippy said as much with Lang. It’s only supporters who are impatient.

Lang is primed to take a key role in midfield next year. And LAV has had a lot of injuries and will likely have a lot of midfield time in 2’s developing next year as Lang did this year. His time will come.

Lav and his family mad keen bombers also. Would take a lot for him to request a trade IMO


You’re bored, right?


and high.


And a douche.

Time for the axe to come out…sure!


Can wait for the footy to start.


It’s a fair call.
None of those players have shown a lot since the last list change.


Haven’t felt this level of expectation for a new season for quite some time.

At this stage even the stupid preseason comp will do!

I just want to witness us dismantle some side by ten goals.


Two weeks ago? Agreed.

Is Goddard even back training yet? I bet Lav is still in the rehab group too.