List build - where are we? Where are we going next




I want to see us achieve two 10 goal wins in a row . We suck at putting teams away by a big margin at the best of times. Let alone backing it up the following week.

The last time we had two 10-goal wins in a row was 2012: round 6 vs Brisbane by 67 pts; round 7 vs West Coast by 61 pts, the next round we won by 19 vs Richmond and then a 66 pt win vs Greater Western Sydney by 66. Not bad.

But the previous time we had two 10-goal plus wins…? Way way back in 2000 when we had three in a row in rounds 17, 18, 19.


We have struggled to put sides away for a long time.

We now have a forwardline that is capable of it if we can only get the ball to them enough.

I think we will start to see some big victories next year.




Benfti has just barred up! More indigenous talent.




it crossed my mind that may happen


Delist, Trade or Retire are the key words.


Not at trade time next year.


Probably others are way ahead of me on this, but we now seem to officially have 39 players on our senior list.

I know we were speculating if Long could stay on the rookie list for a fourth year, according to the club website he has.

Is Ben McNiece still a Category B Rookie?

If he is we still have a Rookie spot empty, with Lavender being a Category B.

Have there been any official changes to the availability of rookies to play AFL without an official promotion?

If so does it only apply to Category A, or both A and B?


Refer to the link for our team list.
It is completely up to date (even has player numbers).


Thanks Blummers, not sure if it is accurate though.

It has Jake Long on the Senior List, the club website is up to date with all players and numbers and has Jake as a rookie still.

I have heard on Blitz that McNiece is on the regular rookie list, and suspect that is accurate, but nothing seems to have confirmed the rules for 2018 around if rookies can play AFL without the need for promotion and if that only applies to category A. This is the only reason that makes sense for putting McNiece on the rookie A list, but it would be nice if these details could be confirmed.


I think Long was upgraded shortly after Morgan left for the Kangaroos.


Long is definitely on the senior list, not the rookie list. It was announced with his contract extension




Thanks Blummers and aboods, I had just googled and was reading that article.

Pretty poor that our own website, can’t put Long on the right list after updating the players names and numbers.

Final version still coming though.


I’m waiting for the response that it’s something to do with Telstra.


■■■■ Telstra…good for nothing company


Have thought a lot about this in terms of what we need…

Will Setterfield is the most immediate missing piece… brilliant at NEAFL this year in a number of games I saw live (not that it tells the story), and projects as being potentially Bontempelli good. Essendon were keen in his draft year. Genuine tall inside gun, polished kick and beautiful creative hands… Essendon supporter too!

Beyond that, a replacement ruck for bellcho, a key position replacement for Hooksy and I think powerful mid defender who can play on talls and smalls and distribute (not sure wevr really replaced Hibbo) will make us a force for years to come…
Also need to think around who will play Baguely’s role… Think that can be filled through the state league/back end draft pick though


At the end of 2018 you would think a call will be made on
jerrett, smack, green, long, mcniece. looney

trade if no improvement, even though i think a couple of these will be ok
langers lav francis redman

retire maybe
goddard bags