List build - where are we? Where are we going next




What happens with Francis in the next game after that one?


Goddard has to earn his spot through 4 years of vfl.


Woosha drops him of course


How can you be nowhere near ready and deserving of a game at the same time? Because he’s putting in the effort? What about the players who are putting in the effort and performing? Are Hooker, Hurley, Brown, Ambrose, Francis and Ridley’s efforts and form so sub par that a green, undersized, first year kpp gets a game in front of them?

And yet you’ll argue to keep Parish out of the team


I mean a regular starter.

No harm in blooding youngsters early though.

Sheedy used to do it regularly.

I never argued to keep Parish out of the team. I argued that he is not and will not be a star and therefore either needs to develop certain areas of his game or he will find himself a periphery player.

Not sure why people get so upset about my thoughts on Parish. Far worse is written on here about the champions of our team.


So your saying Parish will be a Champion.

Glad you finally admitted it.:stuck_out_tongue:


Just boosting his trade value :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, I think he said "Parish is no good unless he gets better, which will then vindicate what I’ve been saying’ :wink:


I think in all these “play the kids” discussions, thought has to be given to the value in finishing the year off strongly, both from our own psychological point of view and also from attracting potential recruits. If Gaff is choosing a team, or let alone Cripps is, we want to have a lot to show.

Also, its not like there are that many older players in the side who are at risk for 2019. Myers out is obvious, but other than Goddard and Bags, who else? And with Bags, who replaces him? Begley and Fantasia are injured, Houlihan is miles off it. Colyer and Long are already both in the side despite them both playing the same role. There isn’t anyone.

So apart from Myers out, it really comes down to whether you want to drop Goddard for a few games.

Who else is of an age that you’d be dropping them for the kids anyway?


You can play the kids without dropping 5 people I know of 3 that would be enough for mine for the rest of the year.


It’s a good point. We would certainly be wanting to finish the season positively and continue winning. Hopefully we are in the market for someone more exciting than Wallis and how we finish would have some bearing. To my mind they aren’t that many kids to see - Clarke and Francis certainly maybe another look at Ridley. But injuries aside I see no reason to be gifting games to the likes of Draper and Zerk-Thatcher.


Zerk Thatcher will be a very good AFL player. No hurry to debut him, let him develop in the VFL in 2018


Zerk like Houlahan need to get more involved through the middle. Obviously Zerks primary job is to defend but contributing in the rebound is now an important part in a well rounded defender, will also give him the ability to play more roles ergo more likely to get picked in the future.


I think it’s fair to say…that all these players have question marks hanging over their heads (that’s saying it as kindly as possible):

  • Jerrett
  • Long
  • Green
  • Colyer

If we let them all go over the next 18 months, that’s a lot of small/quick forward/wing options that we may have to replace. It is going to require a bit of attention.

Perhaps we have enough small wingers anyway…but two speedy forwards might be required?


Bags is playing the same role and we’ll need to replace him too


And Walla and Raz are spending time in the middle.

Luckily @THE_DON1 says it’s a strong draft for these types.


ronke would go alright right now.


What is the obsession with Ronke? He got passed over like 90 or more times before being drafted, yet Blitz can’t let him go.


I just like people that grow up in our region.

so 90% tongue in cheek there.