List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Small forwards include
Izak Rankine
Ian Hill
Connor Rozee (can play small)
Zac Butters
Toby Bedford
Sydney Stack
Ed McHenry
Angus Hanrahan
Jai Nanscawen
Jake Gasper
Hayden Sampson
Jed Hill
Jarrod Fazioli
Charlie Wilson

From very early to very late there are plenty of small forwards to look at even next year their are some talented small forwards. It’s not a hard spot to fill especially late in the draft, just need to look tigers small brigade and where they were picked


You forgot Brayden Ham!!

Just about ready to go. 19 year old for/Mid can play off the HB. Quick, skillful, kicks goals, knows how to find the ball. I like this kid a lot.


Seen him once and he didn’t impress me, small and very outside and I don’t think he pressures and tackles as much as he should which is why I think he didn’t get an invite to play for Country


That’s it talk him down, keep him low, steal him late.


I have a another small forward I haven’t brought up yet that I might keep under wraps, plays with Mason Fletchers school team PEGS








I’ve seen a few Calder games. Haven’t noticed him that much tbh, although I see that he’s kicked a bag of 5. What’s his schtick?


Has only been a late call up which is why you wouldn’t have seen much of him, dominated for PEGS which forced Calders hand to put him on their list


A quick Google search tells me nothing, hopefully we still have some ‘close’ connections at PEGS.

Is he quick? Skill? Midfield ability?


Ive been trying to do more research on him myself, from the game I saw he was very skilful, clean and very dedicated to doing the team oteintated stuff. He is still very light and raw so I don’t expect many huge games but based on potential he could be taken in the top 50.


raz 2.0


Where is Nathan Bassett when you need him?


Not as quick, a bit taller and better overhead. I can’t really find a good comparison for him and because of his development to come he may even grow taller and become a classy medium forward type. Has played midfield for PEGS so that might have been where he dominated instead of forward and they eased him in for Calder. Kid has heart more than anything, kids with good skill and a bit it ticker always stand out to me.


You’ve convinced me. should use our first pick on him.


Why not?

Sheeds did with James Davies. Look how well that turned out.


Time to play the long game mr AT.

trade out every pick except our 3rd rounder.


Midfield of the future.


I think that would have worked well in the old days.
You are right, we burned a lot of #1 and #2 draft picks over the years.