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Injured big man set to extend stay with Dons

TALKS were already underway for a possible two-year contract extension for Bomber Shaun McKernan before his season-ending hamstring injury at the weekend.

The versatile tall is out of contract at the end of this season and has been on one-year deals with the club since arriving at Essendon at the end of 2014.

He was also on one-year deals late in his career at Adelaide, where he was a second-round draft pick in 2008.

But McKernan was in career-best form before the injury struck against Fremantle on Saturday, and understands contract discussions could see him rewarded with a stay at Essendon until the end of 2020.

McKernan kicked 16 goals in 10 games for the Bombers after Joe Daniher went down with injury earlier this season.

He is one of more than 10 Bombers still believed to be out of contract at the club.

The Bombers will make a call on veteran Brendon Goddard at the end of the season, while discussions are underway for an extension for in-form midfielder Kyle Langford.

Talks over Jayden Laverde’s future are unlikely to gather steam until later in the year, while Josh Green, Matt Dea, Mitch Brown, Jackson Merrett, James Stewart, Mark Baguley and Michael Hartley also remain unsigned for next year.

Interestingly Stewart in April was about to sign a 2yr contract but needed a “few tweaks” and then he’s dropped out of team & still unsigned plus more than one rung back in pecking order now.


It’s that time of the year to list the players to get the axe or be traded,

AXE unless someone wants, merret, long, looney, green, goddard, bags, dea, hartley, colyer,
We have hurls, hooker, saad, mckenna francis, redman, zerk/t, mcniece, guelfi, ridley, gleeson as backs. hoping guelfi becomes a mid.

Require 1 big angry back, May Gold Coast. 1 small forward, 2 mids, 1 ruck man.


There is little chance we chop 10 players.


It’s also the time of year when we start suggesting that posters look up contract status before recommending players get chopped for fear of looking foolish; and that maybe they should consider who has been pretty solidly in the best 22 before putting them on the chopping board as well.

And that maybe, suggesting we spend the coin (both salary cap and trade value) to get the in contract May out of Gold Coast may also be pretty stupid.


Yes the famous July list lodgement date, just ahead of the August trade period and the draft on brownlow night.


Two years for McKernan?! I thought one might have been overly generous. Would rather keep Brown if I had to choose.

I’m with people saying we need to add quality small forwards and obviously midfielders.


One year overly generous… have you had your eyes shut the last 2 months?


The bloke has been helpful but I wouldn’t be locking up a spot for two years before we’ve seen what else is out there.

Given our previous record of keeping players around till they ask to leave I expect a new four year deal to be announced tomorrow.


Luenberg is done and Draper is not ready so Mckernan gives us an option if TBell is injured (without drafting another mature ruck) - tick. Gives us a big marking forward target similar to Hooker in 17 and allows Hooker to play defence - tick.
Gives us a strong second ruck option to spell TBell during games - tick.
In the best form of his career - tick.
At 27 with opposition clubs sniffing around 2 years is a no brainer.

But I do love the man.


How about we change our list strategy to have a best 22 and the remainder can be 18 year olds :roll_eyes:


Inside mid
Another gun small forward


Point 3.

I know this means absolutely nothing. They love Harry Taylor down at Geelong. But if their KPP stocks really are superfluous, I could see him fitting in at Essendon.

Another swingman. Certainly not on the top of our list of priorities, but imagine Joey and Hooksy forward with Hurls and Harry in defence. I realise we have more than enough ‘solid’ AFL level players with Browny, Stewart, Francis, Hartley, Ambrose, etc. Just tell me if this is ludicrous.

Our biggest priority should be a big bull inside midfielder. We need to fill the hole that Watson left. A clearance king. I would love to see Langford become just that, sporting Jobe’s old number, but he is young in his development.


Harry is cooked. Getting repeat injuries now too.


He’s 32.



And moves worse than Goddard…


Yeah - list management and developing young players have been great the last ten years, let’s just keep doing what we’re doing.


I didn’t even realise he was that old. Thought he was 28.


Point on the second ruckman is fair, but then Richmond are dominating with Grigg as their second ruck and we were obviously too big earlier in the year and have only come good since we addressed our balance of talls to smalls later in the season, so do you need to play two rucks?


Yeah I don’t know, but I think it’s worked pretty well lately.