List build - where are we? Where are we going next


All the KPP players on our list, barring Draper, Lavender and Zerk can play at AFL level. Most can play multiple positions/roles. Most have been acquired with very little cost associated.


Key point I’m making is there is no way we only delist Leuey & Jerrett. Aside from the minimum changes rules it’s a strong draft.

So players in areas of ground we have plenty of coverage in could go regardless of whether we’d get much for them, either to gain us pick upgrades or trading back in players in depth areas we don’t have much cover for.

In any case will just have to see how it all unfolds at the end of season!


Agreed. I think somewhere between 4 and 6 will go off the main list


Really, that’s a reasonable cull for a pretty balanced list. I could easily see us moving on the minimum this year.

  • As others have said, Looney and Jerrett are certainties to go.
  • I personally think Hartley will be delisted.
  • Some of Long, Baguley, McNeice and Goddard will go. I’m not really sure which one/s, but I’d be surprised if we keep more than 2 of them, although if we trade someone else out, they might keep 3 of them.
  • I think someone will be traded out, possibly someone we don’t expect. I have no inside info, I just think someone will request or trade or the club will offer up someone to try and improve the draft position. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Laverde asks to leave. It could be Smack.


Reckon that Laverde may be shopped around (assuming he doesn’t want to look elsewhere through own choice).


It’s a fair assessment and Im not really advocating either way. But I think both Bagley and Goddard could easily get another year and we might let just the three go.


Possibly. I’m not against either of them staying on.
It will certainly be an interesting off season because there aren’t as many obvious calls this year as there usually are.


But is it strong that deep? I’ve heard nothing about the 50+ range. And we don’t have a third rounder. There may be not much benefit delisting someone for a pick 60 odd versus any other year.

I suspect if we let more than 2 go, the extras will be creating list space for traded and FA players coming in.


guelfi ambrose hurly

saad hooker gleeson

mcg langford zaka

fanta jd stringer

smith francis tippa

tbell zerett hepp

redman ridley mckenna smack parish begley mcniece

round 1 2019




At this point I would:
See if anyone wants Colyer as a trade. Keep if not.

Tap on the shoulder for Bags & Leuey (-2 off the list). Cut Jerrett, Hartley, Long, in that order. (-5)

Hopefully find a ruck as a DFA, or very cheap trade(-4). Smack comes up onto the main list (-3).
If both Colyer and Lav go, I’d keep Long and take 4 live picks, otherwise go to draft with 3 live picks

It’s possible McNeice plays his way into an upgrade too, which might put someone else out the door.
I’d still want at least 3 live picks.

Oh and if the cap stretches to Gaff, abso-frigging-lutely.


If Colyer and Lav go and you keep Long, doesn’t that leave it as 4 live picks?


Bags has kicked two bags of 3 this year and is causing all sorts of mayhem in the forward line that Green and Colyer could only dream of. Unless we find another small forward with nouse, overhead ability and a bit of mongrel why wouldn’t we keep him? Durable as ■■■■ also



Aim for 3 live picks: mostly because we only have a 1st, 2nd & 4th rounder. I don’t know about picking into the 5th, 6th round, particularly if other clubs see it as a deep draft, it’s more likely other clubs will still be picking.

But if Colyer and Lav go, we should end up with at least another pick in the top 40 odd, if not two. I’m confident (ish) with Disco picking there.

My main aims would be to get a good outside mid, a good small forward, a backup ruck, and a project tall forward. Roughly that order.


Harsh on the young guys, didn’t realise you have to win a Brownlow in your teens to be considered a good draft choice. We’ve also lacked opportunities to give young guys a game and you can’t put them all in at once.
Pretty poor listening, there general understanding of football isn’t great.


If they’re making errors, what’s the point of trying to draw conclusions?


Colyer, Hartley and Laverde would be good candidates to shop around. I think they would have some currency, not a huge amount but enough to test the water with.


I’m not a fan, but I still wouldn’t be shopping Laverde around just yet.


Do we really need any more rucks? It feels to me, we’d have to spend time getting in a ruck who:

a) is happy to sit behind Belly in the rankings
b) is good enough to play AFL without any issues
c) isn’t concerned that Draper will get played in the ruck in the VFL ahead of them

I don’t think almost anyone will fill that criteria. A Belly/Draper/Smack combo, with JD and Lavender as emergency break glass options seems to make far more sense from a list perspective. If Draper ends up getting more games than expected next year, I don’t think its a disaster. Draper will be competitive, and would learn heaps.

Given how tight list spots are, I just don’t see the point in grabbing a journeyman ruck when Draper and Smack are there.

Of course, if Smack leaves then it becomes an absolute priority.