List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Do Gleeson and Redman fit into the back line?


Gleeson. Hooker. Redman
Saad. Hurley. McKenna

Missing a small shut down type like a Bags or Dea type. Or, maybe Red can do that role?


Dea is bigger than Saad or McKenna.


Mason is a winger and I hope he gets more time up the ground


Yeah, was pinning those two as the quick half backs that run off rather than closing down a Betts type.


Sounds good. He’s going to have some competition there and that’s great.


He’s 2cm taller than McKenna…


Happy to keep Baggers for another year


Unless we become Ruthless on players where going nowhere, yes they have been good footballers but they have also been paid.


Alright, so I don’t know which player you are referring to, but the post above mentioned Baguley.

I absolutely had Baguley in the cannon at the start of the year. But his forward work has been a revelation. If you think keeping him is in some way not being ruthless enough, then I would argue that your point of view is 100% wrong.


It’s fkn rough since he’s going so well but I just really don’t see the point of keeping Baguley. With Joe and Begley back next year there should be no room for him, and the depth should be Houlahan/Green/Laverde (though I see Lav as a mid)


Bags is way ahead of Begley as a forward. Way ahead. He definitely plays next year.
Begley has played 8 games. He can keep developing - in the magoos if he can’t push someone out by performing.


Personally I think playing Bags instead of Begs would be a monumental error


They can both be on the list, and in the same team.

Bags should totes be on the list next year, and considering Begs is coming back from a knee reco he won’t be a certain starter and I’d prefer he spent some time in the two’s honing his midfield craft.


I’d be keeping both Bagley and Goddard next year.


Yeah… so compared to Mckenna… he isn’t a ‘small’, is he?


Prepare yourself then. While Begley hones his midfield craft.


I assumed Baguley’s knee problems would have gradually made him a liability by now…due to loss of mobility.

But he appears to be moving OK. Moving better than the much younger Green…IMO, that probably flips the decision on their futures.


I think Begley should spend the summer in the midfield group and first half of next year in the VFL as the inside mid. I have no doubt he will break into the AFL midfield by mid season.


Replacing who?