List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Dunno, who ever drops off. I’m a massive Begley fan, think he’s a real damaging inside mid in the making.


Recovering from a knee may hold him back a little next year.

With you on him being gun mid though.

I can see him being a Hannebery clone.


Parish :grimacing:


Who pushed Langford out first?




Seriously, this rubbish just demeans two talented young players who are going to be key mids for us for many years.


I agree.

I’m happy to let it go but others aren’t😊

Some in here have wanted Hurley and Joe traded amongst others but that barely rates a mention.

I said a couple of things about Parish and I’m still getting stick for it months later😊


Next year should be about picking the best 22 each week. It won’t be a development year because we should be in contention for a flag.

Houlahan is barely VFL standard based on what he’s shown so far. It would be a huge jump for him to move into our best 30. If there’s anyone on our list this year we should delist and rookie, it’s him imo.
Green was good earlier in the year, but seems to have really struggled since his injury. I’d keep him, but he has work to do to get back ahead of Baguley.
Laverde isn’t competing with Baguley for a spot. They’re playing different roles. I know you’re a fan of Laverde, but imo he’s a long shot to make it now.

I’d be leaning towards keeping Baguley now. But a lot depends on how his body is going and we don’t have enough info to tell that.


Yeah nah. You trolled the parish thread for weeks.


Fair call.

I mean it’s no different to anyone else though I guess.


Minimal changes to the list for mine which is what 3? No more than 6 changes.


If Laverde was given as much midfield time as Mutch/Clarke…how do you think he would fare compared to those two players?


Don’t bring Kyle’s hot mum into this.


Regardless of which midfielder Dodoro snaffles up - McGrath, Parish and Langford will be where our midfield will see the biggest improvement come from.


Would add Stringer to that list


I like him starting forward then rotating through as an impact player, same goes for Fantasia and Walla.


I think that Jerrett, Green, Luey, and possibly Goddard and Long will be lucky to stay on the list. I could see Harts possibly being traded, not that he deserves that. Houlihan is lucky thay draftees get a guaranteed 2 year contract.


Houlahan lucky? Mate it’s his first year of footy he was never going to outperform a player like Guelfi who had played senior WAFL football before picking him up. You can’t just write of young players in their first year that’s just madness


Fair enough on Houlihan.


Houlahan >>>> Yestin Eades