List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Blitz currently has a derth of whipping boys: enter young Houlahan, stage left


He was also a pick in the 40s, not like he is a high wasted pick anyway haha He has enormous potential but even if he doesn’t tlive up to it in the coming years I’m more than satisfied with the choice to draft him.


It’ll be a shame if the reason he doesn’t make it is not putting in the hard yards. I expect he’ll be joined by and competing against a few more young forwards next year, considering at least two of Jerrett, Long and Green will likely be gone at years end


You can delist draftees after one year if you pay out their contract.

Houlahans been ok. Not god awful or delist worthy though.


To be fair those people are probably fknuckles


Mind you I wanted the gone for a long time. I had him in the same class as jerrett and lav. I haven’t seen any exposed form from lab as I have the other too.
I know fk all about footy really. And I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but based on the the situation in just going to trust jackets.
Actually that should be a slogan; “trust jackets”. Actually “shut your clams. Trust jackets”.



Ben McNiece — The Bombers rookie has broken into the AFL team and has played six games in 2018. Should get another year on the list. RE-ROOKIE

Brendon Goddard — A big decision has to be made on Brendon Goddard at the end of the season. Is he holding the Bombers’ youngsters back? Or is he still playing well enough to earn a one-year deal? RE-CONTRACT

Jackson Merrett — The Dons gave Merrett a new one-year deal late in 2017, but he has managed just two games in 2018. His papers may be already stamped. DELIST

Jake Long — The former rookie was promoted in 2017 and has played two games in 2018. It could be worth giving the 22-year-old another one-year deal. RE-CONTRACT

James Stewart — The key forward was set to sign a two-year deal earlier in the season and will likely remain a Bomber, having booted 15 goals in 11 AFL appearances. RE-CONTRACT

Jayden Laverd e — The Bombers utility was drafted with Pick No. 20 in the 2014 draft, but has struggled for consistency in his six AFL games this season. TRADE BAIT

Joshua Green — The small forward has booted just eight goals from seven outings in 2018 and the 25-year-old’s time at Tullamarine might be up. DELIST

Luke Lavender — The former cricketer was plucked out by the Bombers as a Category-B rookie and has spent the season developing in the VFL. Will have another year on the list. RE-ROOKIE

Mark Baguley — The small defender turned forward may have revitalised his AFL career, having booted three goals against GWS and Gold Coast. Baguley’s 16 games in 2018 should be enough to see him earn another contract. RE-CONTRACT

Matthew Dea — The former Richmond defender has played 11 games in 2018, averaging 13.7 disposals. Should earn another deal after a consistent year. RE-CONTRACT

Matthew Leuenberger — The Essendon big man has played just one AFL game in 2018, spending the majority of the year in the VFL. The 30-year-old’s time might be up. DELIST

Michael Hartley — The key defender has spent most of 2018 in the VFL, playing just four AFL games. Has shown enough in his time at Essendon to suggest he’s worth giving another deal. RE-CONTRACT

Mitchell Brown — Brown’s form in the last month suggests that he has shown enough to earn a new deal, having played 10 games in 2018. RE-CONTRACT

Shaun McKernan — The Bombers forward has booted 16 goals in 2018 — but a nasty hamstring injury suffered against Fremantle means his season is over. Expect the rookie to get a new deal. RE-CONTRACT

Trent Mynott — The former Eastern Ranges midfielder has spent 2018 developing in the VFL, playing 11 games. Worth another season on the rookie list. RE-ROOKIE


You literally responded by saying that parish should be dropped for begley in a conversation between two posters that did not involve you at all.


I doubt we will delist Green

He was poor during our terrible start to the year but if he was in the side now he’d be cleaning up on the fwd entries we getting.

As a depth player we wouldn’t find anyone as experienced or who at times can be very good to replace him


Finding Nino is a classic. Is every thread wanting to trade in a 100 players but yet only wants to delist 4 players.


I’m pretty sure he didn’t write that article haha


Out of that list Jacko Merret and Leuenberger will be gone at seasons end you think the rest will ethier get contracted or re-rookied.


Leuy still has value imo, Harldy the worst ruck depth and his VFL form has been pretty good. If Bellcho goes down he would be very handy next year to keep allowing Draper to develop in the VFL


Let it go Alex


Latvians would call him a mulkis.




What? Green was literally our best forward along with Stewart at the start of the year. Really looked set for a big year and then he got injured and never returned to the same form again.

IMO there’s no way you’d re-contract Long over Green.


Let’s be honest the media have no idea

IMO Long has shown enough from his appearances this year. Its Colyer who looks nowhere near it but he is contracted.


Green one of our better forwards? Haha he was solid at best and Fantasia being out and Daniher with his injury issues made our early season forwardline rather lacklustre


In the first 4 rounds Green was averaging almost 2 goals a game and also had 2 assists along with averaging more than 3 tackles.

Considering how poor we were early that’s better than serviceable.