List build - where are we? Where are we going next


If he kept that form up all year he would be ranked in the top group of the leagues small forwards. I remember it vividly because I was quite surprised and happy to see him playing to his potential.

Unfortunately like the rest of his career, he picked up a little injury which halted his momentum.


Green and Stewart where our best forwards by miles until Stewart’s form dropped off and Green got injured. Green played very well before injury this year. Especially given how poor the team was going.


Unfortunately, quoting Josh Green’s middling statistics does not change the fact that he is a one-dimensional C-Grader who was handy as a fringe seagull in a middling team. I hope we have move passed him with our current list emerging and general list depth.


Don’t disagree with that.

Doesn’t change the fact that he was one of our better forwards early on in the year.


I do disagree with that. I think that’s very unfair on Green. He was part of one of the best forward lines in the league last year. He played a lot of very good games


It’s interesting re Green that he has barely been selected as an emergency in the last month.

I still think we’re thin on the ground for small forward and outside mid depth. We’re not missing anyone now and essentially Colyer, Long and Green are the depth. I think we need to add a couple in the off-season, even if we keep 1 or 2 of the above 3.


I am very glad we have Green on the list. And wouldn’t even put him close to the delist pile. He is a good small forward who kicks some goals and puts on defensive pressure as part of one of the best forward groups going around. At his best he is a very valuable part of that group, at his worst he is depth. That’s the kind of fringe players you want and expect on your list. Not fringe players like Long and Merrett who at their best don’t offer much.


Yeah how is Green going? Any VFL watchers know?

He returned from that early season injury in the VFL and dominated in the midfield, got recalled to the seniors but didn’t do much and got dropped. Haven’t heard anything since.


I don’t see the games, but last few games (most recent is listed first):

Collingwood: 1.1, 12 disposals and 4 tackles
Werribee: 1.1, 14 disposals and 2 tackles
Richmond: 23 disposals and 2 tackles

I’d be curious to know how he’s going, because it’s pretty hard to say from those stats.


You could get similar output to Green by playing a golden retriever

Has movie potential too


You could mount a case to re contract virtually every player on that list, barring Jerrett. Unfortunately we can’t delist just 1 player though.


He’s a very good player at VFL level. Maybe that’s all he’s got though, the coaches preferring Colyer to play as a forward pocket ahead of him is a very bad sign.


IN Dylan Shiel


MIDFIELD Zerrett, Heppell, Shiel, Smith, Zaka, Langford, Parish, McGrath, Guelfi

Even JBomber will stop complaining about our midfield.


2018 IN Dylan Shiel

2019 IN Josh Kelly

2020 IN 200k Members and #18


I’d be delisting J Merrett, Leuenberger, Green, asking the question of Goddard, considering Hartley for trade and thinking hard about Long


Think long and hard.


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Love your optimism but what are you basing this on? We are 12th.


Some of us watch games.

We’re a good side.


Need more mids