List build - where are we? Where are we going next


I think we could play finals next year, and I would count a finals win as a massive step forward, but we are not in the Premiership window. And yes, I watch games too.


Need more premiership players, 22 of them to be exact.


Ruthless is the word needed. We have to many who have had to long.


I’d prefer more than 22.


With pace that can kick.


Need better mids.


I think it’s a news article mate


I reckon we need 1 more quality mid. It would be great to get one through trade or FA. But there is every chance that 1 or all of Langford, Parish and McGrath step up to fill that void next season.

Our midfield has been extremely competitive most weeks for the past 3 months. The only remotely old guy playing midfield is Myers. There is a lot of improvement left in the players that are already there.


Zaka was drafted 2008, Myers 2007, so Zaka’s getting up there.


We don’t have a lot of depth outside the best 22 in the midfield, a few injuries especially to the better contested players would hurt us. I really hope we can attract a good contested player over the trade period.


Legit forgot about Zaka :smile:


That’s fair.
He’s never heard of you.



I really wanted us to draft Oliver. I was so sure Melbourne will select Parish given they picked Petracca and Brayshaw, and had Viney and Jones already.

Farking ■■■■■. He is the bull we needed…and still need to go to the next level.


We need a mature inside mid with pace. It would compliment a Heppell, Merrett, Parish combo.

Not sure how we do this tho.


Club never drafts bulls always flashy outside types that can play inside.


Dylan Clarke says hello


Coming second sucks, but if we’d brought in someone like Joe Daniher we’d have won 10 of the last 11.

Pesky Richmond.


The thought of Jack Martin joining Joe, Raz, Walla, Stringer, Smack and Bags in the forwardline makes me giddy


If we’re looking for spots to free up on the main list, I’d be delisting Houlahan. Maybe re-rookie him to honour his contract. Maybe…


Where does the Martin talk come from?
Is it just click bait?