List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Stick Long on the pile.


Zorko “Dayne has done a hell of a lot for our football club since then, so I don’t think there will be any hard feelings.”




He scored 30/30 in goal scoring in the draft combine 2017.
Why delist?


8% of people with an underlying accuracy of 60% will score 30/30.

(Not a comment on Houlahan, but rather the test.)


I would have thought that is irrelevant now.
I’m only going on what he’s shown on field, which is stuff all so far.
Obviously the club has a lot more info, so it will be interesting to see what they do (if anything)


We should sacrifice some tall timber, Merrett and Goddard. Some others may go by choice. We should target one or two experienced mids through trade and go to the draft looking for small forwards > mids > small defenders. Players that can sustain intensity and run. Rotate our list throughout the season to maintain high pressure and intensity.


So its similar to other tests they do.
Like running on a wooden surface in the middle of a footy field.
Standing then trying to jump as high in air as possible to touch the highest marker.


David King going lid off


Yeah but he said we would win it this year lol


Hedging his bets because he said it last year. Guys a fkn moron.


Every year David King picks us to win the Premiership.


I like David King. And I think he’s right, we’re one gun mid away from being a serious contender.
He was wrong this year, however without our terrible start we’d be right up there in the pointy end.


without our good 2nd half we’d be right down the bottom…

works both ways.


Forget the start to year. We were far from a cohesive team or coaching group with clear reasons behind all of that.

We have been since Blues game & only lost to:

Richmond - top of ladder team
Pies - were 2nd, 3 in game injuries (16pts)
Hawks - top 4 team (4pts)

You put our AA kpf in Daniher back in side, have continued growth from our younger class players and add another topline AA level midfielder into team and we are very much in the mix.

And Disco won’t be just trying to land one player, the impact of bringing in SSS has been immense so I expect us to feature strongly at trade time again.


If we had our sh*t together at the start of the year, we’d be sitting in the top 4.

I agree that an elite midfielder will push us into the top 2 in the league. But the biggest issue we have as a club is the players buying into the work ethic.

We have had a 16 year culture of having a lazy, fragile & selfish playing group. Once things start getting hard again, it very natural for the players to go back to old habits.

The mental demons of the past are our biggest hurdle… with Shiel or not.


Don’t you agree with what he is saying in that article ?


2002-2011 our list was trash.
2012-2015 we had different problems then you’ve pointed out.
How are current players and staff accountable for the past when majority have only been here for the last few years?

I hate when people say this, it’s like saying your nationality is [insert country] because your grandparents were born there yet you were born and lived in Australia your whole life. Pet peeve.


Right. I’m going to read it. My opinion stands even if it is Pulitzer stuff.


No it’s just fluff. Anyone can pull that out and claim it. For David king to think and put forward some sort of reasoned contribution rather than just being a sound byte that gets his mail from the pub would be too much to ask for.
He’s up there with tony shaw. Hack.


I see David King around the river sometimes.
Looks like hes eaten a bus.