List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Just like any eligible players who met the criteria to be top up players, the Essendon VFL players had to be selected to be on the list of top up players as the AFL article implied.

You are right about the Walla probably not needing to rely on his exposure as a top up player to make it onto the senior list, as I said in my original post. But he was very keen to audition with the seniors, as Zaka found out.


Fair point, I will revert to PM if @jonovdp or @Ants want to dispute the facts. Or they can take it over to the saga thread where I actually posted the articles with the information they are ignoring.

My apologies.


Ok, I’ll admit I was wrong to say they had nothing to do with being top-ups.

But you said “10% of our senior list, and one of our most promising young coaches got on our list initially as ‘Top Ups’ because of the Saga.”.

That just implies something very different from what any layman means when reading that. They didn’t get onto our list due to being top ups. They got a few weeks of training with the ones before the 2015 season, then went and played VFL throughout 2015 with various clubs (and did well), and then got drafted by us in the 2015 ND and rookie drafts when anyone else could also do so. They would have been on multiple clubs’ radars, and others could have taken them. Similar to how Adams, Collins and Menegola were all drafted from state leagues that year.

And as this thread discusses the list build, including how its built, I think this is relevant for this topic.


For a second there i thought he was in doubt against Tigers


We progressed our relationship with these players as a result of our unusual circumstances and this helped Dodoro believe in them.

You can’t deny that and it is relevant at least in my opinion. You are entitled to your opinion as well.


Sorry fellas


This is spot on.
Tippa played 1 NAB cup game. He was average in that match and didn’t play again.
Are all VFL listed players who play in the Seniors intraclub match, top up players also?

That is not the reason he got drafted in the following rookie draft. He got drafted because of the 3 VFL seasons of hard work.

And tbh I’m sick of opposition supporters implying that if we hadn’t have ‘cheated’ we wouldn’t have Tippa at the club… because he was a ‘top up player’. Which is misinformed and wrong. He isn’t a carry over ‘too-up player’ from the Saga like Dea and Kelly.
Tippa was drafted prior to the players being suspended.


The other thing with picking up Dea and Kelly, was that they were classified as Delisted Free Agents after 2016, so eveyone had the chance to make them an offer if they wanted them. We had no exclusive rights to offer them a contract.

If anyone ever whinges about this sort of stuff I’m generally pretty quick to state that I would happily forego having Matt Dea and James Kelly on the list if it meant the Saga had never occurred (even though I’m happy with having had them at the club since).


Back line looks OK: Francis, redman, saad, Hurley, hooker, McKenna

Forward line OK: daniher, McKernan, stringer, walla, fantasia, one more elite small

Midfield a disaster: zerrett good. Hopefully McGrath and parish on.

I’d trade heppell, myers, Langford, colyer and zaka


i’d trade 3 of those players.


One of those players wouldn’t get you much


cap space for shiel, good enough.


lol trade Heppell


Clarko would do it


This is an unpopular opinion it seems:

Josh Green is a good small forward and is worthy of another one year contract.


clarko also mainly brought in players that could kick to a standard.


He would not trade his 26 year old captain.


Nope, he trades old blokes or fringe players.


I think what would improve our midfield is if we stop relying on zaka and hepp to carry it.

Tell Zach, Smith, parish, McGrath and Langford that the midfield is theirs from now on. Hepp and zaharakis are role players.


Zach carries this midfield singlehandedly. Zaka and hep don’t or can’t run the other way. Basically liabilities. McGrath never plays in the guts. Never. I have no idea what role parish plays. Its a woosha special. If we get shiel, I want Zach, shiel and McGrath following the ball all year