List build - where are we? Where are we going next


They should be feeding the ball to their teammates who can actually spot up targets


What I’m saying is get hepp and zaharakis into areas where their strengths can be used. Get hepp off hb again where his marking and calmess can shine, and get zaharakis into the forward 50 again where his goal sense will make him a 40 goal a year small forward. They can rotate through the middle but they shouldn’t both be getting 30 disposals a game.


You’d think there will be no shartage of candidates for delisting this year.

J merret

Im sure there are others


I’d prob keep McNiece, but could easily expand on that list.


Are you off the tree? Heppell runs far more both ways than even Zerrett does. Do you even watch heppell, at all?


I’m not sure he even watches football. That assessment of the midfield bears no relation with reality


It appears that Heppel is becoming the new Stanton for some supporters. It will only get worse if Goddard retires.



And lol.

Barnz you are king of negative based comments without solutions.

Please say the 3 players you’d trade and what you’d be expecting in return.


which do you think i meant? actually curious.


I honestly don’t know.

I assumed Colyer was one.


myers and zaka.

i see plenty of roles for dyson, a lot involve his terrific reading of the play. I reckon langfords a nearly there player in so many ways it s matter of time until it clicks. I’ve never been a fan of myers and am still bewildered at him getting 3 years. I don’t see a role for someone that fumbles and can’t kick, like colyer. if we could switch zaka for gaff (directly or indirectly) i’d do it in a heart beat (even though we’ve not made a play for gaff or w/e).


I’d look at trading Colyer, Zaka and Myers.
Zaka is the only one of those that would get us something half decent. A club like the Suns or FC may be desperate enough to offer a first rounder for him. The other two could be used as steak knives to get a deal over the line but wouldn’t get much on their own


I agree on Colyer and Myers to a lesser extent, but not sure we would get much for them.

Myers as much as it pains me to say it is too critical from an inside mid point of view. If we lost him we would have to play Clarke who would be marginbly better and poor kicking. At least Myer shad a boot on him.

No way I would trade Zaka, he is an endurance machine, reasonably quick, a great kick and can find the footy. They are much harder to find than you think and I think he excels when he is not the focus of the opposition. Him with gaff on the other wing would be hard to stop!


Ok. This seems more reasonable.

Myers houdlnt have been given 3 years. Was ridiculous. But credit to him he has actually had a good year mostly.

Colyer is surplus to requirements given that speed is no longer an issue.

The only thing you’d get for those 2 is salary cap relief. I’m ok with that.

For Zakka. He is harshly marked. He came back far quicker from injury than most because of his dedication and was then asked to play a more outside role than he usually does (even though half of blitz thinks he’s an outside mid). He always plays better in the middle and before injury he was probably top 3 in our B&F.

What would you get for him? I suspect not what he was worth.

Why would you when we are in win now mode?


I was happy with how Myers played against Sydney and St Kilda.

But watching him yesterday something struck me. I can’t recall him ever having a very good game at the MCG.

In big grounds he just gets out worked and outrun on the spread. He was so tired he couldn’t make the distance from 35m out with an open goal…it actually didn’t even make it to the goal square, where Smith was free.

I will offering him to Freo, if we land Wallis and Shiel.


We’ve been in win now mode for 10 years.i don’t see a point. Just continue making the list better. Tbh trading him is pending someone like gaff coming in. My real want for that winger spot is Whitfield . He’s class and exactly what we need.


If you just look at the posting history…


For mine

Players to be traded/ delisted

Jackson Merrett
Myers- harsh after his year, but we need to move on if we want to improve as a team
Zaka- wouldn’t delist, but I would throw his name up for trade and see if there were any takers. If nothing decent is offered then he stays


Lose by a 2 kicks to the best side in it = trade our captain and delist everyone else.

Gooooood stuff.


You mean Zahrakis I am thinking