List build - where are we? Where are we going next


This week we lost to the top team, Richmond, by a kick and a half, therefore everything is ■■■■■■ right now.

Last week we beat up on our perennial bunnies the Saints, who haven’t threatened the finals in years, and everything was clearly great at the time


Myers may have got three years off BECAUSE OF THE FORCED YEAR OFF. Why would he have been signed for that length of time?


Colyer and Myers getting 3 year deals is probably the only list mgmt decision I have been criticak about in response to the Saga.

Having said that. I know West Coast were hunting Myers at the time and who knows what downstream effect Myers leaving would have on the rest of the players???

That’s the unknown. On balance Dodoro has done incredibly well so I can only trust that the decision was well considered.

Still. 3 years…


Coyler is one we could afford to loose out of the two. I’m sure there is a team willing to take him on and at least a portion of the contract remaining. North perhaps? They are desperate for speed and experience. Fremantle is also another destination. If West Coast lose Gaff, they may want another wing/forward with dash on the books.

Trade wise, we would get a third rounder, late second rounder at best. But that may become handy in another trade.


Most of the players who we’d be looking at trading, would be valued around that 3rd-4th round region.

If we get enough of them, we could trade our way into another second round pick… if a club has a father-son or academy player.


We don’t know what instructions Dodorro had. If the board had decided the goal was to Re-sign everyone (as long as it wasn’t crazy) then it may have required 3 year deals.

It would be interesting to know where we’d be if we had gone the reverse, and encouraged/let everyone from the saga to leave.


Let’s remember Colyer looked like a star in 2015 before he got injured. Many were saying he is our third most important signing behind Hooker and Hurley. Myers getting the three years was always an odd call especially considering his durability, but he has has a really solid year. Unless we add a big inside player in the off-season he will likely play every game next year if fit and should that be the case that contract will look spot on.


The Weagles did offer him 3 years, so that’s the reason for the length of contract. Dollars wouldn’t have been a big deal, he’s probably on about $300k.

I always stated that he was the ‘in-betweener’ we needed for the period of time after Jobe retired & before our young midfield matured enough to cover for him.

Next season he will still be handy & purely back up if he stays any longer after 2019. Its the old Goddard rule, someone has got to push him out of the side, maybe Laverde will be that player, who knows.


Anyone against delisting Jackson Merrett?




I doubt even Jackson is it against, at this point


Umm … at a guess because the club rate him




Somehow I don’t think the answers to this question will be polarising…


I don’t think we will delist Jerret.

He will retire.


what year is it?

No is the answer.


But, but, I want to put him in the cannon.


Why would Jackson retire?


Because that’s what 25 yo who don’t get offered contracts anywhere do.


Looks like we need at least 5 list changes to make room for
Fletcher late draft pick - Rookie
neagle late draft pick - Rookie