List build - where are we? Where are we going next


you may have forgotten Hind


if hind learns to kick, sure.


Been a long time since we proactively traded a player to another club.
That frees up a spot.


He’s a better kick than most of our AFL listed players.


He is twice the player that Colyer currently is


Yep and the cat’s out of the bag unfortunately.


Am worried bc game seems to be moving towards having 1x ruck, 1x key forward & x1 key backs and the rest of the team comprising of hard running small-medium mids/backs/forwards.

And dodo is renouned for his poor midfield recruitment.


i wouldnt go on game trends. they change all the time and then someone comes up with something else. apparently we were moving towards 0x rucks after Bevos Bulldogs won the flag


Since when has that become a prerequisite?


Uh huh …

So I guess Richmond are chasing Lynch so hard to play in the magoos.
Or maybe they’ll just delist Riewoldt.


There will be minimal list turn over imo
Goddard gone
Green gone
J.Merrett gone
Long gone Rookie

Colyer still contracted so will stay, don’t think he will get any bites

Laverde may want Trade


Leuenberger gone
Hartley likely as well

We seem to be prepared to makr hard decisions so Dea/colyer may be shipped out as well

If we bring in 2 or 3 players, as seems likely, we will still want to bring in a bunch of draftees in a deep draft.


If we are going after multiple big $$$ targets we will also need to be bringing in draftees on minimum contracts.

We took what 3 in ND and 1 rookie (2 if include LAV2.0) last year?


Cant get rid of ready made back up depth like Hartley and Leuenberger


I dont mind the idea of letting Green go.
Given we can probably pick up a benfti special late in the draft with good defensive pressure.
Or maybe even with our Tiwi academy.


Merrett gone now too


Once finals were not going to happen they have wasted no time and have called the cleaners in.


Is this serious ?

Leuey pretty much conceded a while back that his body struggles to get up week to week.
Our refusal to give Belly a break before the Richmond game, and play Leuey, makes it obvious.

With all our injuries to KP players, and a necessity to play Hooker forward, we have given a fully fit Hartley zero games in 4 months.
No point having that kind of depth, if you don’t rate them enough to play them !


I can see us playing Draper this weekend… seeing how he goes… and then deciding on Leuey’s future.

But I must admit, I thought Leuey had already decided to give it away.


To a point, there’s only so many list spots you can have on any one type of player.
Right now we have Hooker, Hurley, Ambrose, Francis, Zerk-Thatcher and Hartley as big defenders. With Gleeson, Brown and Dea also able to play tall back in a pinch, and who knows what type of player Ridley ends up, but he’s 190+cm as well.

Within that list, he’s probably 2nd last for a game right now (ahead of only Zerk) and Zerk has a ton more upside.

Even if you cut Hartley, it’s plenty of depth.