List build - where are we? Where are we going next


It is now. In 2-3 seasons it might not as Hooker, Hurley and Brown might all be gone due to age. And Ambrose can’t stay on the park. Hartley does provide cover against that scenario given his age.


Wow, we have gone early this year, very unusual for us, normally don’t clear the decks until much later.

Clearly have something lined up to go this early and with the right calls.

Couple more to go imo.


I think that’s a good idea about Draper. Surely it would help to decide on what else we need in terms of ruck backup


Going to be interesting to see who the last 1 or 2 to get moved on are. There are no obvious ones left. All the guys left have a case to play on next season. Might be looking to trade one of two.


I don’t really understand why going early equates to having other players lined up.
I agree it’s strange (especially in the Merrett case) that we’ve announced it so early, but I don’t see how it affects the recruiting at all if it’s done this week versus 2 weeks time when the VFL is over (if it’s over then)


We need a backup for TBell.

Smack - too small
Joe - robbing Peter to pay Paul
Draper - not quite ready
Stringer - yeah…

So the options are to trade (wouldn’t get anyone decent knowing they won’t be no. 1), draft (random vfl tall who probably won’t be brilliant) or keep Leuey (proven AFL ruck who isn’t ridiculously old).

So if Leuey’s body isn’t completely and utterly stuffed, then keeping him for 1 more year is the perfect list management decision.


Yep. If we’re after a speculative VFL ruck for extra, extra cover give him a rookie list spot anyway.


I’m not sure if Long has a really strong case…


Disagree. I think we should go with Draper next year. Sure, he might not be fully ready (although I like what he’s done at VFL level), but that is part of the stepping up and learning process. I think he’s close enough that its likely he’ll get games ahead of Leuy or a VFL ruck next year anyway.


True. I was focusing more on the main list though.


That’s fair. If the club thinks Draper will be ready, then great. But everything points to him not being up to speed around the ground. If we made finals, had the choice between a very green Draper or a solid Leuenberger, which would you go with?


Hartley’s 25, Ambrose 26, Brown 27, Hurley 28, Hooker 29.

Gleeson is 23, Francis 21, Ridley and Zerk 19.

There’s not some impending doomsday, where all our stocks all retire at once. They’re perfectly spread out.


Redman 20


Redman’s a slightly different proposal IMO, Ridley will be the tall flanker who might pinch-hit as a key tall, Redman’s only about 6’2”, and much more of a running type than a marking player.


@IceTemple, Redman is in no way being played on the players Hartley would play on!

Glesson isn’t either. To be honest, I thought Hartley was a touch younger, but given I think a line should be drawn through Ambrose (too injured), and I don’t rate Brown as a defender, that makes IMO the list:

Hooker 29
Hurley 28
Hartley 25
Francis 21 - unproven
Ridley 19 - unproven and may not be a KP defender
Zerk 19 - unproven

Roll forward 2-3 years and we’re awfully reliant on 2-3 of those unproven players coming good. I’m not saying hold Hartley forever, but I would maybe wait until we’re a bit more certain around Francis and Zerk (and maybe Ridley if he can be KP). Especially as I suspect only Hooker, Hartley and Zerk can take the really tall key forwards that are appearing as more of the staple in the AFL.


Part of the learning process is to be flogged week after week?
Not ready by a fair margin.
Guess he’s the new Francis eh.


I think in the ruck work he’s been excellent this year at VFL level, and he’s getting better and better around the ground. I also assume he’ll be better next year than this year.

You sound like he’s being flogged at VFL level. I’d have said in the games I’ve watched he’s often winning.


He’s holding his own quite often as far as the tapwork goes, but that’s it. He’s nowhere near it yet in any other aspect. What is about this place that someone gets one part of their game to a decent level and all of a sudden they are a viable alternative. Just let the bloke work on his game without the pressure and he will blossom. Have a bit of patience.


The ruckwork I’ve seen is fantastic and his hitout stats for the season are great. If the club thinks he’s ready for 2019, then awesome.

I’m ■■■■■■ excited about this kid, just trying not to jump the gun.