List build - where are we? Where are we going next


The part where a 190cm twig will become a genuine kpd methinks


Gleeson. This guy rivals Fletcher and Cristian Bock on the skinniest stakes.


3rd tall is Gleeson’s go. He can pinch hit on bigger guys, but not a preferred option for any length of time.

Hartley’s no good, the only way you can argue him is as depth and injury cover. I don’t think tht argument stacks up either, not with the long list of tall and tallish defenders ahead of him. But we can go back to how crap he is if you want, he’s lost under a high ball, pretty slow on a lead, a spectator when the ball hits the ground, offers stuff all rebound…


Yep I reckon even as depth I think Hartley is in trouble. I have him last in line as a key back behind Hooker,Hurley,Francis, Ambrose.

He doesn’t seem to have enough strengths at this stage to cement his spot in our team. His long kicking is his biggest weapon. But when it comes to purely “defending” he really struggles.


Hartley is done IMO also

When Brown was fit he was played ahead of him. And Brown can also play at both ends.

Ambrose will have priority over him too

Hartley & Dea are expendable, and yet could be very valuable to another club.


Actually forgot about Brown down back


Agree with above thoughts on Hartley.
Was watching Jack Madgen in his first game thinking…‘this guy is a better defender than Harts already’.
You can just see it.

Though Harts has that beautiful kicking leg, seldom do you see it at senior level.

I absolutely think we should be offering Harts as a steak knives gesture for GWS, as it seems likely we will be dealing with them in some capacity.
They don’t appear to have a lot of depth in the KP defender posts.
I have no doubt that Harts would have played some footy for them if he were on their list this year.

As for Dea, he has his fans on this site, and I can certainly understand why.
Courageous, no nonsense, plays within his abilities, generally comes in to the side and does his job.
Nonetheless, he is a very limited player and we have a plethora of options for those medium defender positions.
I think we should get him to a side where he can play more footy, and probably earn more coin.
It’s a win/win !


End of season list changes;

Goddard - Smack (upgrade)

Jerrett - Mcneice (upgrade)

Green - Draper (upgrade)

Long - Shiel

Hartley - Wallis/Setterfield

Leuenberger - Hind

Houlahan - Neagle

(Leuenberger and Houlahan put on the rookie list)

Plenty of talk that we need midfielders but another small forward would be very high on my wish list. We struggled to replace Razzle during times this season.


I don’t know what you were going for with that post. If you were going for a WTF type reaction, I think you’ve taken it a bit too far.


What part of it was the wtf factor for you?

You do know that we won’t have any draft picks this year if we get Shiel and we’ll have to take mature age players to turn over our list?


I personally think Hartley goes fine at AFL level. Not great or anything, but fine. Does a decent job on tall forwards, occasionally marks and is decent with his disposal/decisions. He’s a viable option as one of the primary key defenders.

Right now, he’s depth. But I wouldn’t get rid of him until at least 2 of Francis/Zerk/Ridley/Lav have shown sufficiently that they’ll be able to overtake him. IMO he’s cheap for his role, and it means we don’t have to go recruiting further tall defenders, which saves us list spots.


Ridley or Lav as key defender?
Can I get some of what you’re smoking?


Harts has to stay,Tippa would sink into a deep depression!!!


i dont think Tippa has trouble making friends. hell be fine without Harts


Remember when we rookied Gumby’s best mate? Charters? And pazza thought he was gunna be a 100 game player. And he played about 5 VFL games and was never heard from again. Goooob times.


When Francis goes past Hartley?
That happened about 3-4 months ago.

Zerk is getting close as well.


I had a massive night out with Chartres, among a few other players a long time ago when my mate turned 21. He was a good fella, really really popular lad.


He is a beautiful long kick of the footy.


That should be Lav 2.0.
And some here have argued that Ridley has grown sufficiently to play KP. I listed them to be kind.


We need to template and code some of these posts for 2019

if we didn’t play so insert adjective for rounds >1 through <22, then we would of made finals for insert year

if insert player was not injured for x games, we would of made finals for insert year

There are always players that move onto other clubs, Goddard will be hole we need to replace (a bit like taking half a year to replace the absence of Watson this year)