List build - where are we? Where are we going next


I don’t think the number of rookie picks is correct.

Smack promoted and McNeice and long delisted leaves 3 rookie picks. Or 2 if McNeice is Cat 2.


Long is on the senior list. He was promoted last year as he’d spent the maximum 3 years as a rookie (drafted 2014). Having spent a year on the senior list, he can be re-rookied now and spend up to another 3 years on the rookie list.


I sort of remember that.

Means the clubs website is wrong.


Green. Not offered another contract

Seagull’n elsewhere for 2019


Huge call (in a good way). Looking forward to drafting a sml fwd this year! May also indicate that Baguley might get another year.


Weidemann was fantastic on Friday night.


Funny how these talls from the 2015 draft actually took some time, heh?


How do you see us beating Richmond/Melbourne in a final next year? Just curious as any suggestion we trade an established KPP is surely to get a competitive midfielder in the door.

Unless we bring a different style of play to the table, I’m not sure how we will be a flag contender next year. We aren’t going to get anywhere near Rich/Melb while finals are played like this - manic ground ball contests and pressure.


Natural growth of Parish, McGrath, McKenna, Redman, Francis and Ridley will be enough to give us a serious crack.

The last 4 in the backline and wings would be a nightmare for opposition with their kicking. All of them are exceptional kicks.


Finally vindicated!


Sure was


Me too.


What’s the status on Matt?


Still a’struttin.



A’struttin n’ a’breakin.




I agree that all of them have improvement to come, but I still think that type of game will struggle to beat Richmond/Melbourne’s contested ball winning and manic pressure.

I can’t tell you how stoked I’d be if we were the team that brought a different game style to the top of the ladder and trumped Richmond because I personally hate watching their ground ball / handball stuff.


Hurls best days are over sadly
but do not expect him to be traded
he was loyal