List build - where are we? Where are we going next


This make me happy. McKernan and Brown have to be the most handy fringe key players going around. Really glad they’re with us and both should get a lot of games next season.


They doesn’t say anything about Brown other than he’s still unsigned. I want to keep him, so that’s making me nervous


Stewart and LAV have re-signed

2yrs each

Great to see as I was thinking would lose them.

With Smack seemingly signed as well I suspect Brown/Harts & Dea are going to be traded/delisted



I don’t understand why they’d delist Brown. He was excellent for basically the whole second half of the year. Well ahead of Stewart at this point.

Trade maybe if they think he’s worth something…


Come on Bombers sign Mitch Brown. He has been a very handy player for us.


Brown turns 29 next year

As good as Brown has been he’s back up as they will be playing Daniher/Smack as first choice duo.

I’d say Stewart & possibly Harts being prioritized due to age. They will be around as our core group comes through together.

If he goes Brown would have a lot to offer another club IMO and multiple clubs would be keen so maybe a trade could occur

I should note Smack also turns 29 next year


Well, Smack hasn’t signed on yet either.

Some pretty heavy negotiations going on behind closed doors with the players it seems.

Not a lot of money to throw around this year as we make what may be our last major play before we end up with a pretty tight salary cap going forward.


l would also like us to hang on to Brown, as he showed good value in the second half of the season. However, l understand he could be used as part of a trade, or bait to land a bigger fish.


There is no way Mitch Brown gets delisted. Traded… possibly… Delisted… not a chance in hell


You may find there aren’t many more changes.

If we don’t bring anyone in we’ve got the three list spots. One FA/trade in could be offset by those you listed or Long.

Any additional delisting without someone coming in means picks in the 5th round and later. The question then is whether who you get is better than a Hartley, Dea or Brown.


If McKernan resigns on a decent contract as rumoured he’l be upgraded off the rookie list without a doubt, so that is one senior list spot that needs to be factored in (potentially).


Rookie list players can now be on higher contracts and play anytime, so we wouldn’t need to upgrade him.

Additionally, rookie upgrades count as as a drafted player, so he would use one of those slots if upgraded.


Leuy and McKernan should also be on the “at risk “ list. Although for different reasons.


Hasn’t McNernan been on the rookie list for 3 years so he has to be upgraded this year (assuming we keep him)?


Yeah, but lets face it we will if he signs a 2 year contract because it would be a ■■■■ move to do otherwise (not to mention poor use of the rookie list).


McKernan was on the senior list in 2016, so he can stay another year on the rookie list

Why? The rookie list is effectively now part of the senior list, with a few quirky rules. People considering the two as separate probably should stop doing so. If the pay, conditions and eligibility to play are the same on the senior and rookie list, why would Smack care? Especially if it improves our drafting on the night.

To be honest, they should just get rid of the rookie list, but keep the rookie draft, and have the rookie draft be where you offer 1 year deals but onto the main list.


I’d rather keep him in the rookie list and take an extra pick in the main draft, as opposed to the rookie draft


I doubt we can pay someone $200k/yr+ whilst on rookie list. There would be some cap regarding it.

Smack has to be upgraded and rightly so. He’ll be best 22


Rookie list counts towards the main salary cap, so yes, everything is captured. And you don’t need to be on the senior list, so being best 22 or not is pretty much immaterial. It really just comes down to whether its better for the team to promote him this year or next year.