List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Forgot Bags. He’s also at risk.


No real strategic reason, I just think it looks poor giving a guy a new contract who is possibly going to be a starting member of the team and leaving him on the rookie list. Sort of like giving a salesman who crushed it a bonus and additional perks but still leaving him a junior salesman instead of a senior one. But that’s just my view on the optics of it.
Granted that analogy only partially works as work titles don’t require shuffling staff around, but I think it should be pretty easy to get McKernan on the senior list.

Also I’ve always advocated the rookie list (or last few list slots if they got rid of the rookie list like you suggested and which should have been done years ago imo) be used for talented guys who may or may not make it but have plenty of upside (not plodders or dropping players off the main list for backup). These sorts of players tend to be flaky early and have a lot of flaws to iron out so while the rookie list is still around I feel it would be much better for them if they were on it as expectations on them would be kept in check.


It won’t happen.

McKernan will surely be upgraded main list & likely Houlihan who is well off pressing for senior selection dropped back to rookie list if we tight for spots.


Why is the Rookie List still there if you don’t need an LTI to promote them?

It’s nonsense.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks throw a bit of cash at Smack to get him over.


Smack signs on. The list of blokes not contracted for 2019 and beyond dwindles further:

Already gone are:


Let to sign:

Hartley (listed as unconfirmed contract status)
McNiece (2nd year rookie)
Mynott (1st year rookie)

Still some room to move. Will be governed by what recruits we may attract to the club. I get the feeling we have signed everyone we have wanted to retain absolutely, the rest we will fill the list out with depending on who comes in and how many picks we plan on taking in the draft.


When it comes to this time of year, i always think about the 2007 trade period.

We where chasing Chris Judd and got bent over by Carlton.

We had a crack at getting Travis Johnstone, and Brisbane ended up getting him. (Lol)

The last hour of Trade week, the media were saying that Knights and Doddoro were out having lunch and have closed up shop.

The club put out a statement saying we have some exciting news about to be announced… which ended up being Ricky Dyson had re-signed. This was our ‘Exciting Trade News’!

Then at the Draft we overlooked Cyril Rioli. A kid who spent his childhood at windy hill with his brother, and dreamt of playing for the Bombers.

It was a diabolical time for our club.


In hindsight… I’d say we were really really lucky.


Dea, Brown and Hartley. Surely, one of these guys won’t be with us next year?


Disagree. Think they will all be with us.


I reckon one of them will be gone. Dea or Hartley


It’s a possibility but only through trade in my opinion.

Brown plays both ends.

Hartley has youth and size on his side.

Dea continually is ranked most courageous and is the type of guy that could play 0 games all year, then come in and do a job in an elimination final if needed. Like Dea as depth.


Hartley wont go with the new rules and 18 yard goal line. Has improved his defensive positioning and can roost a kick from the new square into the fwd half…


Great point. I actually thought that today as well. What a weopon he’d be as a designated kicker outerer.


Please enquire about Luke Parker and Jack Billings to trade into our ranks, we need the class to round out that midfield/forward line.
I’m also thought Saads mate Aaron Hall would function well in our forward half/midfield rotation.

Setterfield would be a bonus


I don’t think there is any way Sydney would let Luke Parker go.

Shiel sounds like he’s been our no. 1 target for a while.
I’m hoping Setterfield too.


By the look of Hartley’s social media I reckon he’d go the NFL path if he was moved on. He is a great kick both for distance and in play.
Having said that, it would be a shame to lose him. I think that if he went for more marks and continued to build his strength he will be valuable.


Lol I reckon Hartley would reach the edge of the square on our CHF area with his best kick.



He is the best long kicker we have. We ought to keep him because he will be very useful to us with these NEW rules changes.


LOL you’ve got a problem