List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Agree. I think with an increase in player trading between clubs, clubs are going to accept that they can only have one or two tilts at a premiership, maybe every 10 years. More player trading is going to even out the top half/two thirds of the competition, meaning the days of really dominant teams for three or more years, back-to-backs, three-peats etc. are probably gone.

With that in mind, I’d be recruiting for a tilt at a premiership in the next few years and accepting that that means stocking up on our deficiencies (mids) at the expense of future-proofing the key position posts in defence and attack. Win one in the next few years and accept that it might mean a necessary slide down the ladder.


Those advocating for us to go for talls to replace Hurley or Hooker need to look at a team like Collingwood and the Eagles of 10 years ago.

An awesome midfield with depth playing to a system that suits the list can cover the lack of quality talls in the forward line or the backline.
If anything, we need a quality ruckman just incase Belly is injured as Lav and Draper are probably a few years away from being a full time ruck.


Francis and Zerk will replace them anyway

And if not both we will poach someone


We have one of the best track records in finding and developing KPDs in the comp, we shouldn’t be worried about it.

Franga may end up a CHB, he may also end up a Mid, at the very least he’ll be a multi-AA 3rd Tall/sweeper


Yeah but there are many ways to skin a cat. The great recent premiership sides of Geelong and Hawthorn both had at least 3 top quality KPP at any given time. WC this year is top line also.

Geelong - Scarlett, H.Taylor, Hawkins and then Mooney, Podsiadly as B grade support
Hawthorn - Lake, Frawley, Gibson, Franklin, Roughhead, Gunston
WC - McGovern, Kennedy, Darling

I’m not advocating ‘going tall’, just that I hope we don’t lose sight of them. Over the next 2 years I think we should try to add 2-3 top midfield talents to an already promising group. Adding something like Setterfield & Martin to Heppell, Myers, Merrett, Zaka, Smith, Parish, Langford, McGrath, Stringer, Walla and Raz is IMO, a group capable of challenging the best midfields providing we get expected natural growth from those young players in bold.

But it would also be nice to add another KP prospect that will minimise the hole Hooker and Hurley will leave but also maximise our KP strengths while we are hopefully contending in the next 2/3 years. Whether that’s a FA like Stratton next year or our first round pick next year. We’d at least have them to fill the H&H shoes and not be forced to rely on a Ambrose - Zerk (could be nothing) - Stewart - Daniher spine.


The recent Hawthorn/Sydney/Geelong situation was because their natural competitors were denied access to to talent for a number of years, allowing “topped up” teams with a core of quality to stay at the summit far longer than at any other time.


Zerk (could be nothing)

Such blasphemy is unacceptable!


Francis is in no way less physically capable than Michael Hurley other than judgement coming with experience. Physically he is the same height and weight just as strong, with a better leap and hands. I can’t see why he can’t play KP defence if Hurley can do it to AA level. The problem may be that he is needed elsewhere.

With Ridley, he seems more in the Gleeson mould as a third tall type, but who is to say what his limit is, he is the third youngest player at the club (until the draft at least), so his ceiling isn’t set yet. He will get bigger, and may even get taller, but probably won’t take on the gorillas.

If Zerk can build a robust enough body, I believe he can be a dynamic full size KPD, he is already punching way above his weight range, and is a similar height and has a similar leap to Ryder.

And as far as future options go, Dodoro has found KPP’s like Hooker, Josh Jenkins, Stewart, McKernan, Brown, Hartley, Zerk-Thatcher etc. with nothing higher than a 4th round pick.


Hurley not as strong and tough as he used to be
Needs to eat meat


Your head is meat.


Is Hurley a vegetarian?


We need:

  • a hard as nails small lock-down defender with an attacking side (perhaps a mature age pick late in the draft or in rookie list)

  • a first rate inside clearance winning machine with burst speed, two-way running, and good foot skills (Coniglio, shiel etc)

  • a gut running ball winning mid on the outside (in the mould of gaff, Scully, sidebottom etc)

  • another ruck/fwd prospect (late draft/rookie list)

  • more depth in the middle (late picks on the likes of Mitch Grigg)


You’re happy with Colyer and Baguley as small forwards in our 22?


Nope. I’d move both on this off-season ideally.

Jack Martin would be an ideal upgrade.


Just because he’s indig… Martin’s a midfielder.

100% need a crumber in the mix. Chopped Green, chopped Jacko, they played about 12-15 games between them in that role this year, Bags is 30+ and Colyer’s really not suited to that role. Obvious hole is obvious.


Anyone else like Bugg as a small defender?


Don’t hate it. But then, I’m not convinced it’s the highest priority. Has he been delisted?


Lockdown defender - Nope, back 6 is stacked already
Clearance Machine - Agreed, but not certain Shiel has the good footskills criteria covered. He’ll do though.
Gut running outside mid - Agreed, we could absolutely use a good wing. Needs speed though ideally.
Ruck/Fwd prospect - Nah. We need a back-up main ruck if Leuey leaves while we wait for Draper. We don’t need a ruck / fwd at this stage, in my opinion.
Midfield Depth - Can’t hurt. But I do think we have midfield depth. What we need is midfield elite, and that has been covered with the above positions.

Small Forward who can impact in the middle - I reckon we could do with another two on the list. Tiwi islands, let’s see what you’ve got.


Read here that he was, so definitely maybe.

Edit: Just checked. Yep, cut.
Only played three games for them this year.


Pretty sure he plays forward as well. These days your forwards need to be able to push up the ground. Stay at home small forwards are a thing of the past. Would complement Fanta and walla beautifully.