List build - where are we? Where are we going next


He could, but why would you go recruit a superstar outside mid to play in a forward pocket? And why on earth would he come?


Only played 3 games? That’s not good.


Yeah, I thought he was a pretty decent kid.
Sometimes players just don’t come on.


He certainly got hit a lot. That’s normally either because you’re very good, or because you’re being a ■■■■ a lot.


Five week suspension last year, too.
I’m not talking him up much, am I?

He was a talented kid, though, and did quite a bit of early work in the midfield, so I’d hope we’d at least have a look at him.


He was (I thiught??) a but of a manchild who came in as a mid, and slowly drifted to half back and ended up niggly back pocket.

There might be a thought that between 2 clubs, 8 years and 3 senior coaches, they’ve squeezed every last drop out of him??


Yep. I see that.
But his numbers in 2016 were pretty good.
Loved a tackle.

I’m only talking about him because the position he’d fill is a pretty low bar to clear.


I really rated Bugg prior to this year. He’s worth a look in at the very least


Inside mid
Outside mid
Small forward

Is my wish for the offseason


Need a midfield in
Need a midfield out
Who can pass it all about


We do the Gaffy Shiely,
And blow the trade week out?


Forehand backhand
Forehand backhand
Forehand backhand

… as we used to say when we were but immature kids…


I’d look at him


Bugg is mouthy like Caddy but he certainly wouldn’t be the worst on our list.


And then move on?


Would he be an upgrade on McNiece? If nobody is interested in him he might accept a rookie spot.


Yeah that what I was thinking. He is a better AFL defender than Mcneice and if the salary was on par and he costs nothing, why not.


And then step on him.


I don’t actually think he is. Slower, doesn’t have the boot that mcNeice has (and is now actually starting to use).


The boot McNiece kept on using to pick out opposition players in the VFL finals?