List build - where are we? Where are we going next



Inside mid -
Outside mid -
Inside Outside Mid -
Ruck -
Defensive forward -
Small/ Medium Forward -


This and small back.


why not 6 or 7 inside-outside mids who can go forward or back?


Like Hird?


That would work


Would it?

No disrespect to the great man, but defensive pressure is where it’s at.


Depends if you’re impervious to pressure


Great post. Personally I don’t think Hartley Inclusion is too controversial, however I am interested in your exclusion of Ambrose and Dea. Ambrose is a better Hartley, there are so many times that Harts gets caught out of position and gives a forward a mark. And Dea has been very serviceable this season.


Ambrose and Dea are definitely AFL quality, but if I was to steer away from Hartley I would put Hooker back, Smack at full forward put Guelfi in the forward line and bring Redman onto the bench.

In reality though there are probably 5 positions in the best 22 which are up for grabs at the moment, with Francis probably making that only 4, with Gleeson also being very likely, with too much height in this backline for some forward lines being the main potential issue. Which makes Smack, Myers and Redman places the main ones up for grabs, and Myers probably only if we bring in another ready to go big body mid.

My potential best 22 for round 1 2019

B: Saad Hooker Francis
McKenna Hurley Gleeson
M: Zaharakis Langford McGrath
Bellchambers, Heppell, Merrett
F: Fantasia Daniher Guelfi
Stringer, McKernan, Walla
I: Smith, Parish, Myers, Redman


You are on fire Scarey!

You had me at Langford in the middle though😊


I reckon Francis is a definitive. If Gleeson gets back to his level pre injury, he’ll be fighting with Ridley and Redman for one of the two spots up for grabs in defence, imo.


The Gleeson position and the fight for it is the one that interests me the most. It (competition) should make our backline ■■■■■■ good.


It’s Gleeson’s spot which Redman and Ridley have to take off him.


Spots have to be earned during pre season


Whoever gets it will need to be able to play on smalls as well as medium sized players, or be able to swap into the midfield with McGrath or Guelfi.


I reckon Guelfi will get pushed out of midfield. Small defender is his best bet with occasional stints up the ground


He was out for the year due to a serious ankle injury. It’s not easy to get back to your level from an ankle injury, and I’m concerned it’ll take him longer because of his slander frame.

I’d be very surprised if he has the spot sewn up before round one.


I agree
Anyone that thinks we can win a flag with our current list is seriously mistaken


I believe we can


I think the past few years have shown that it’s not necessarily about the cattle, but the roles they play. If all the players know their role and play it well, there’s no reason we can’t challenge the better teams in the comp.